Can a Broken Heart Be Mended? {A Jacob Black Love Story} By Cici18roxursox and WritingFanatic

Kelsey has been through a lot; the loss of her parents in murder, her abusive vampire boyfriend (who she doesn't even know is a vampire). And things get even more complicated when her best friend for life, Jacob Black, admits he's a werewolf admist a world of vampires- some which are after her. Can Kelsey with hold this strong will? Or will it break her being?

Chapter 1

Not Your Usual Breakup...

"Jake, I'm going to see Justin, okay?" I informed him, grabbing my purse and jacket.

"Ok, just call me every little bit... I don't trust that guy," Jacob replied, looking at me worriedly.

My eyes narrowed. I was tired of this. "Jacob, you aren't my parents, those people are dead. I don't have to call you regularly, and it doesn't matter if you trust him or not, he's my boyfriend!" I shouted angrily, "Goodbye! Don't expect any calls from me," I added. opening the door and slamming it behind me, not giving him a backwards glance.

Call me a spazz, but if you were in my shoes you would have done the same. I was constantly listening to insults about my boyfriend, Justin, from Jacob. He was always trying to persuade me to break up with him. I love Jacob, we had been best friends since pre-school, but gosh, he could really be a pain sometimes.

I jumped into my Porche Carrera, content to hear the engine come to life in such a calming way. This was the happiness I felt when my parents were alive, when I had no worries. But five months ago, they had died. Murdered. Found dead in a forest with lacerations and blood drained. Apparently they were just a few of many who had been found like that. I was still not over them, the impact had not yet receded or faded in any way.

Billy, Jacob's father, had been consented to live with the Black's, with Billy as my legal gaurdian. Not that me and Jacob acted towards eachother as brother and sister.

"Hey, Babe," I heard a familiar voice say, and I smiled at Justin, who was standing outside the passenger's door of my parked car. "Care to let me in?" he teased, and I quickly unlocked the doors with the keys, throwing them into the backseat behind me. My car was the kind of care you could only unlock with keys because when you locked it the locks went all the way down.

He quickly, casually locked the doors and leaned forward to kiss me, and his breath smelled heavily of alchohal. I suppressed a sigh. These were the worst days, the ones when he was drunk. Maybe this time I could get out of it if I tried as hard as I could.

"Justin, sweetie, could we maybe meet up tomorrow, I have so much homework..." I lied, and looked at Justin pleadingly. He glared.

"No," he said, and started kissing my neck. This time I didn't feel the pleasure.

"Please," I tried not to whine, but it did sound like I was, slightly.

Justin looked at me, and slapped me across the face. I flinched. He then slapped my other cheek. I slid my hand beind me, pushing on the handle. Oh, cr@p. He had locked it. I was stuck. Trapped.

Justin started to undo the buttons on my blouse, and suddenly a loud cracking noise was heard. I first assumed Justin had hit me, but then when I felt no pain and hadn't passed out, I looked around to see the passenger seat door missing. I saw a huge paw reach inside, raking it's claws across Justin's stomach. Blood stained his shirt, and I gasped. A giant russet-coloured wolf stuck his head in, BITING JUSTIN"S HEAD OFF?! His head came off with not blood and gore, but as though a head had ripped off a glass porcelin doll, and everything was cracking.

Then it was all over, and someone opened my door. I guess someone had unlcoked it? I was so confused. I saw Jacob looking down at me, a worried look permanently etched into his features. I immediatly convered the red marks on my cheeks from Justin slapping me.

"You're boyfriend just got killed by a giant wolf and you're worried about me seeing you're slap marks?" asked Jacob, astounded.

That's when I feinted.

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