Why Did You Leave? ( A Sasuke Love Story)

Why Did You Leave? ( A Sasuke Love Story)

Yes, yes, i no alot of people r doing these but i just wanted to try it out. i started watching Naruto today and i gotta say... IT'S AWESOME!!!!! I'm going to try this out and if u like it or don't like it, tell me and i'll quite if u want me 2 n i'll go on if u want me 2!
name: April
date of birth: April 13 (has a demon named Eurynome the Prince of Death who is a Superior demon who feeds on corpses.)

Chapter 1


I'm running when i trip and fall. i get back up and continue to run but I look down and my legs are not moving. I start to panic when I hear a voice. "April... April..." it whispered. "Who are you and what do you want?!" i yelled. Nothing. Then my legs moved and I fell on my face. Warm arms wrapped themselves around me and pulled me up. I looked to see who it was and saw- BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! "SHUT UP YOU STUPID ALARM CLOCK!?!?" and i hit the button and it stopped. i got dressed and woke my sister up. We aren't even sisters. She found me all alone and said 'You wanna stay with me?' and of course, I said yes and we have been together ever since. Her name is Vivvain. We are the same since we both have demons in us. I found her in her room and yelled, "WAKE UP!! WE HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL!!"
"Great. School." she mumbled. Her eyes opened and she screamed, "GET OUT OF MY FACE YOU BRAT!!" I got out of her face and went out of her room. Since I was already dressed, I went straight to the academy. It was boring there but i saw Vivvain meet a guy by a tree and thought wow. she finally met a friend. lucky! After that day, she started to hang around him. Three years later, we had to leave for the Chunin Exams. We were on the road when I saw something around her neck. It had rocks from the beach around it and a sharks tooth in the middle. "Who gave you that?"
"A friend." she snapped.
"OK." We got there and were greeted by a guy reading a book, a hyper kid that kept saying beleive it, and girl with pink hair who kept looking at a guy with the Uchiha symbol on his back. I herd all about his clan. His clan was killed by guy who sparred his younger brother. "Are you Sasuke Uchiha?" i asked him.
"Yes. How do you know my name?"
"I herd all about your clan. i mean, having your brother kill every member and sparring you to avenge him. Must be tough."
"Hn." was all he said. I smirked. i left since I was in another group. I met them. They had this fat kid who alwas ate, a lazy kid who kept saying what a drag, and an annoying girl who kept talking about how much she hate Sakura and how much she loved Sasuke. We had time to kill before the Exams so I took a walk through the forest when I met Sasuke. We talked and I felt myself trust him. I decided to tell him about Eurynome. "Sasuke. i have something to tell you. Will you listen?"
"Of course, I will."
"When I was born-"
"You have the demon named Eurynome in you. Don't you?"
"Y-yes. How did you know?"
"Reports. About a girl with long blue-ish hair wearing all black. Someone must be watching you. Just to keep you in check. See if your causing harm. Come on. We have to get to the exams."
"Thanks, Sasuke."
"About what?"
"You knew what I was going to say so...you made it eaiser for me to tell you and you didn't run away from me like most people do."
"Come on." And we both left for the exams.

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