Moonlight Daze

Moonlight Daze

Okay I was lookign through some stuff that I had written, and I wroet this when I was really depressed one day. I'm fine now, don't worry, I just thought it was a pretty good story.

Chapter 1

No Saving

It was night, the rain pouring down on us, no stars in eth sky, just the moon to illuminate the darkness.
“Darling, don’t go! I need you, please stay!”
“Hannah, you know I can’t stay. I need to leave, I’ll be back.”
“How do you know you’ll be back?” I yelled through tears running down my face, malting with the rain.
“Because Hannah, I car about you. You’ll be the one to bring me back.”
“If you care about me then why are you leaving?”
“I have to, believe me if I could stay I would, but I—“
“Damien, I built up this heart for you, all the tears, all the heartache, all for you! I love you Damien, why can’t you stay?” my tears were impairing my speech so badly the words were almost unrecognizable.
“Hannah, I can’t stay. You know I can’t.”
But Damien, I love you. If you love me you’ll stay.”
“I’m – I’m sorry, I can’t,” he said as he put his head in his hands and looking down, as if he were trying to avoid looking in my eyes.
“So, you don’t love me?” I asked, the words coming out slowly, like a knife in my throat. He didn’t say anything, yet the words I knew he wanted to say killed me inside. “So—you don’t love me,” I paused, swallowing the words, it all hurting so much, “You know Damien, it hurt so much to build this heart, but it hurts so much more now that it’s breaking.”
“Hannah, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I’ll be back soon, two years tops. Once I get back we can be together.”
“Well, you don’t love me now, why would you even want me in two years, or even now? I mean look Damien, I’m not any super model, I can’t stand your rants on your favorite guns, or drinks or anything for that matter! There are so many other girls—better girls. Why would you even want to stay with me?”
“I stay with you because I don’t want the other girls Hannah.”
“But now you’re leaving.”
Yes, but I’m coming back, and you’ll be my reason why.”
“But Darling, I don’t wanna sleep, breathe, or even live out you next to me. Loving you is how I get by; you’re like my drug, or more like my antidote, with out you the poison can get me. I need you.”
“Just be strong for both of us, okay Darling?” he said then kissed me, then he left. As he walked away I fell to my knees, put my head in my hands, and let the tears flow.

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