Yeah... Soooo.
Oh wait, intro! Right! Okay so this is an action/adventure/mystery(ish) story about two twenty-one year old detectives named Jacey and Lucille. (Warning: don't call her Lucille or she'll get mad! Geez!) While on a famous murder case, Jacey and Lucy somehow (you'll have to find out! Hehe) end up in a mysterious jungle filled with secrets, threats, danger, mysteries, secret civilizations, crimes, riches, explosives and volcanoes! XD

Chapter 1

"Frog Crunch! The Best Cereal in the Pond!"

Hey, I'm Lucille Allen. I'm a proud New Yorker, but I prefer nature. I'm pretty nice, but apparently to my mother I have an "attitude." Anyway, you can call me Lucy. Cause if you don't, I'll kill you!! Hehe. Jacey, my detective partner, says I have a weird sense of humor. Oh well. You know what I think is weird? This! I feel like I'm talking to myself! Well, I'm just going to get on with the story before the neighbors think I've officially gone crazy.

"Hey Lucy! Get up!"
Jacey whacked me with a pillow. I groaned. Was it 7 already?!

Both of us worked at the highest rated detective agency in the country. We also shared a condo.
Still, it was pretty ridiculous how early we had to get to the agency.

"No," I mumbled. "Lucille..." My face grew hot. "Don't call me that!" I threw my slipper at her. She caught it in her mouth. (just kidding! XDDD) It hit her in the head so she threw her toothbrush at me, laughing. I flung off my covers and held a pillow in front of my face to avoid flying objects. I laughed and ran into the kitchen for some breakfast.

I decided to have a leftover bean burrito from the night before, while Jacey stuck with some cereal called "Frog Crunch! The Best Cereal in the Pond!" or something like that. Pretty cheesy if you ask me.

Anyway, I went into my room to get dressed. Today was a normal day, no cases. I decided to wear skinny jeans, a tree t-shirt and grey Converses.


I brushed my long brown hair and let it stay down. "Are we set?" Jacey asked me. "NO!" I paused. "Off we go!" I said laughing. Jacey playfully shoved my forward. "Away!"

Jacey and I ran down the stairs and I jumped into the shotgun seat. "I don't feel like driving today."

The whole way there I flipped through various stations, skipping past sports talk, Radio Disney, and multiple Spanish-speaking talk shows. As I skipped over the news, I heard something very interesting... "...37 found dead....crime scene....mysteriously killed..." I paused to listen for anything else.

"More on this story, coming up after these messages..."

I groaned. "Now? Really?"

A few minutes later the news came back on. "Huzzah!" I exclaimed, and leaned in, listening intently. "37 people in the past week have been mysteriously killed. By who or how, no one is certain. There seems to be no pattern in the killings, nor any witnesses. Police are still on the case. More on this subject, go to NYNEWS.com. I'm Cindy Blong, and your listening to News Today! Support from this station comes from..."

I turned the radio off and mimicked the news reporter. "I'm Cindy Blong , and your listening to News Today! " Jacey laughed. "That's so awkward."
"Wait," I said seriously. "But did you hear what Mrs. Blong said?" Jacey laughed then her face got solemn. "Yeah, that's terrible! But maybe we'll get the case."

I turned the radio back on and went to a decent station. "Yeah," I sat back and watched the traffic roar by. "Maybe."

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