Little C, That's Me! (girls only)(part 4)( a CB love sotry) READ INTRO

Little C, That's Me! (girls only)(part 4)( a CB love sotry) READ INTRO

5 comments Everyone, you really need to pray for millie. she is in the hospital with short term amnesia. she was stabbed by a crazed fan. please pray, and keep her in your hearts.
~ Kat :D

Chapter 1

Dacning in the rain, hanging with Chris, and surprises...hmmmmm

i woke up this morning at 10. i got up and showered and curled my hair like usual. i did my makeup light like my mom told me to do before she died. i was wearing and i looked adorable. i walked downstairs ro find Christian at the table eating an early lunch. "hey. everyone gone already?" i asked. "hey, and yeah. the left like 2 hours ago. they said they are gonna meet us for dinner tonight at 8. they are gonna send a car." he said i just nodded. "so what are we gonna do today?" i asked. "i have no clue." he answered. i swung my head to give me a face that said wow you a big help and turned back around. "too bad we can't drive......" i said and trailed off. i turned around. "you guys have dirt bikes right?" i asked. he just looked at me funny. "yeah...why?" he asked. how clueless is he? but he is so cute when he is clueless. "i know what we are gonna do today!" i said. we cleaned up from our lunch and went out to their shed and grabbed the dirt bikes. i got a red one and he got a blue one. "lets ride around, shall we?" i asked. "we shall" he said and smiled. i put on the helmet and hopped on the bike. Chris drove in front since i didnt know where i was going. we just roda around. we got back to his house just in time for it to start raining. "OH MY GOSH! IDEA! go inside and change into swim trunks and a t shirt and meet me out here on the front porch when your done." i said and bolted inside. i ran up to my room and changed into and went to meet Chris. we wasnt there but i went ahead and started playing in the rain. he stepped outside and asked "what are you doing?". "dancing in the rain. come on Chris! you have to enjoy life, dont wait for the rain to end, dance in it!" i said and started spinning. my clothes were soaked through already. i liked how the wet fabrice clung to my skin. Chris hesitated but he finally came out and joined me.

~ Chris' POV ~
i walke out onto the porch. i saw Kelsey, beautiful Kelsey, in the street standing in the pouring rain. she turned around and saw me. she smiled widely. "what are you doing?" i asked. wow i'm smart. what is up with me today?? its like half my brain is not working. "dancing in the rain. come on Chris! you have to enjoy life, dont wait for the rain to end, dance in it!" she said. wow, she is really something. someting amazing and special. i hesitated but then joined her. this is one of the best days of my life....

~ Kelseys POV (normal pov) ~
he joined me. we started Jumping around. after a while i started getting cold and the clouds were getting darker so we made our way to the work. i was just watching the rain. then lightening flashed and thunder roared and i screamed and turned around right into Chris. my hands were on his soaking wet Chest. "i'm sorry, i just..." i trailed off. "got scared?" he asked. i nodded my head. he handed me a towel and we stepped inside. "we should probably go get ready for dinner. we are supposed to be there in less than 2 hours." he said. i nodded and we parted our seperate ways.

~ later ~
after showering, blow drying my hair, straightening it, and doing my nails and make up i was ready to put my dress on. ( i was ready to go, with 20 minutes to spare. i walked down stairs and saw Chris sitting on the couch looking at his iPhone. he must be on twitter or something. he looked hot. he was wearing a light blue v-neck with a leather jacket and dark jeans with black and blue supras. "hey." i said. "hey" he said and smiled at me. i was about to sit down when we heard a knock on the front door. i went to answer it. it was some dude in a tux with a limo behind him. "um, hello?" i said. Chris came up behind me and put his hand on the small of my back. "our ride." he said and walked me to the car under an umbrella. we climbed in and the man closed the door bhind us. he drove us to our destination. it was a deserted restraunt. weird. "is this the right place?" i asked confused. "let's find out!" he said and led me to the door. he held the door for me like a gentlemen. i walked up to the lady, i was about to say beadles, when she asked me "the beadles pary?" and i nodded. "follow me please." she said and walked us towards the back. no menus or anything. super weird. there was NO ONE in the restuarant. and i mean absolutely NO ONE. she led us to a room in the way back. i had litterally just stepped in te doorway, when everyone screamed "CONGRATULATIONS!" i literally screamed and Chris had to keep me from falling backwards in surprise. i laughed and Justin came to hug me. "what is this for?" i asked confused. "your very first #1 hit! 'Wanted' is now #1 on the top 100!" he said. "NO WAY!? OH MY GOSH!" i said and hugged Justin again. we had cake and amazing italian food. today was awesome.

~ next day ~
i was at the mall with Mickey and Caitlin. we had planned to have a great shopping day. but then the boys said they wanted to come too. they are so weird. i just hope we dont get mobbed. the girls had gone inside of Abercrombie & Fitch. thats not really my kind of store so i just stood outside. i was wearing and texting. "nice Hat" someone said. i looked up and there stood some super hot boy (pic of hot boy: "thanks" i said. "i'm Nick." he said. "Kelsey" i replied and smiled. "so how come your just sitting out here like a loner?" he asked. "well i dont really like this store and...wait did you just call me a loner?" i asked, "i just call them as i see them." he said. "so your judgemental?" i asked smirking to myself at my comeback. "ouch. the stung. but you were saying you didnt like this store? why are you standing outside of it then?" he asked. "my friends are inside." i said, and then my song came on inside. they were playing my song in Abercrombie & Fitch?? weird....
"gotcha. this song is interesting. have you ever heard it before?" he asked, he obviously didnt know who i was. "um, yeah, a few times." i said and laughed. "whats so funny?" he asked me confused. "nothing it's just....nothing." i said. boys HATE it when girls do that. start to say something and then dont finish it, it drives them crazy because they think its about the. "no way! you have to tell me. you can't leave me hanging like that, its rude." he said. i smiled and said, "i wrote that song. i sing that song, thats my song. i'm Kelsey Cruz." i said. "seriously!? you're Kelsey Cruz? how did i not recognize you!? all of my friend think your hot, but i dont." he said, then my smile faded. "you don't?" i asked, that must sound conceeded. "nope. i think your gorgeous." he said and smiled. "smooth." i said and smiled. "smooth enough to get your numer?" he asked. i looked inside the store and saw Chris talking to some girl in there. she was getting way too friendly for my tastes. "sure." i said and wrote my number on his hand. "text me." i said as my friends walked out. he smiled, winked at me, and walked away. "hey Kels...who was that hunk?" caitlin asked. "who?" i asked. "the hunk who just winked at you?" she asked. "OH! him! thats nick." i said and smiled. "oooooooh! Kelseys in love! Kelseys in love! ooh la la!" Mickey and Caitlin sang. "shut up! he might hear you!" i said, plus they were completely tone deaf. ouch. they just giggled and we walked toawrds Forever 21. Chris was really quiet. we were about to walk inside Forever 21 when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me back......


preview to next chapter: who grabbed her? talking to the stranger who grabbed her, and texting Nick.....and is Chris mad At Kelsey??



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