Two Is Better Than One: Except When One of Them Is Draco Malfoy (Draco Malfoy Love Story)

This is my first story, so if it sucks, just tell me. That doesn't mean I have to listen. :) I won't give you a certain amount of comments before I make another one, but one or two comments would be nice. :)

Name- Leighlyn Octavia Monroe
Nicknames- Leigh, Roe, Lyn, Octopus
House- Ultimately Slytherin
Hair- Light brown, wavy, down to waist
Eyes- Blue-green with dark blue edges
Complexion- Fair with natural blush
Body type- Athletic, 5'2"

Chapter 1

Chapter 1- Fvck My Life

It's your first year at Hogwarts, which you've been waiting for for years. Your family's pureblood, but you've adapted to living among muggles. You have an iPod and other "blasted muggle contraptions".
Currently, you're saying bye to your mum and dad. Your mum was a Ravenclaw, while your dad's a Gryffindor through and through. Your mum could be quite a nag, forgetting you're responsible and smart. She's blabbing on about not forgetting to do this and that.
"Don't forget to write! And take care of Keziah (your owl)! Don't forget to sleep! Don't get on Sour Grape Snape's bad side!"
"Yes, Mum. I will, Mum. I won't, Mum." This goes on for a while, until you got fed up. You were already in a crabby mood as it was. "Cut the crap, Mum. I'll be fine." you kiss her on the cheek and gave your dad a bear hug.
"I'll miss you, Octopus." You smile at his nickname for you. You finish your good-byes and hop onto the train before your mum continues on with her nagging.
You slide into the first compartment you find and are relieved to see it empty. Just as you're putting in your ear buds and turn on your iPod, a red head and a kid with black hair open the door and step in. You ignore them and look out the window. The red head pulls out one of your ear buds and inspects it with a look of disgust on his face.
"What the bloody hell is this?!" he asks. You yank the ear bud back but don't put it in your ear.
"It's an iPod, you twit." You roll your eyes.
"An i-what?" He repeats, a dumbfounded expression on his face. You sigh and start to explain slowly as if talking to a 5 year old.
"An iPod. You download songs onto this metal box, and you can listen to them any time you want." He still looks confused, so you sigh yet again and say, "Forget it, Red. I'll show you." You click on your favorite band, Evans Blue, and scroll through the list of songs. You find the one you're looking for, called Buried Alive, and hit play. The song starts but the red head still doesn't get it. You take the ear bud and put it in his ear for him. He has an awed expression and you laugh, while the black haired kid snorts. You had forgotten he was there.
You offer your hand and say, "My name's Leighlyn Monroe, by the way."
He shakes your hand and says, "Harry Potter. And that pig-faced loser over there is my best friend, Ron Weasley." Harry points to the red head, who had stolen your other ear bud and was shaking his head back and forth to the beat.
You laugh and continue talking to Harry. You know he's the Boy Who Lived, but you decide not to mention it, since you didn't care about that stuff anyways.
The train stops and you gather your things. You tap Ron on the shoulder and motion for him to take off the headphones. He looks out the window and looks surprised that you're already at Hogwarts. He takes out the ear buds, hands over your iPod, and grins sheepishly.
"Sorry. I didn't realize. It's just that that band was amazing." He kind of looks thrilled.
"You laugh and reply, "Maybe I'll let you borrow it sometime."
Ron blushes and says, "That'd be great. Thanks again."
"No troubles." you say.
"Oh, I didn't quite catch your name." He sticks out his hand and you shake it while replying, "Leighlyn Monroe. Harry tells me you're a Weasley. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, though." he let's go. "It's nice to meet you Leighlyn."
You nod, start to walk away, and call a careless "See you later, Red." over your shoulder. You hear him say to Harry, "Did you hear that, Harry? She called me Red ; she already has a nickname for me!" You chuckle, shake your head, and turn to resume walking. Just as you turn, you collide head-on with a blonde guy.
"Watch it, you git." No one other than Malfoy says.
"Shove off, Malfoy. Just so you know, I won't be taking your crap, so stay out of my way." You'd heard about the Malfoys. They're nasty, ruthless, and annoying.
Draco looks a little shocked but quickly recovers with a smirk and remarks, "So you know I'm a Malfoy, do you? That's good. It means you know enough to back off."
"Of course I know you're a Malfoy. Cocky, ignorant, and ugly as sin? Has Malfoy all over it." With that you flip your hair and walk over to the boats, leaving a stunned Malfoy looking like a fish, whatwith his open mouth and bugged out eyes.
You climb into a random boat, introducing yourself as Leighlyn. Pulling out your iPod, you get odd stares and confused looks from other kids. You roll your eyes and get lost in the voice of Adam Gontier, the lead singer of Three Days Grace (another of your favorite bands). You'll have to show this one to Ron, you think.
The boats finally arrive at the enchanted castle and release the first years. The main entry room is flooded with kids as you're put into alphebetical order. You all walk out, and you stand patientlyawaiting your turn. Harry and Ron are behind you, while Malfoy is a few people ahead of you. You know Draco will be in Slytherin but you're unsure about where you'll be placed. You're hoping for Gryffindor, and if not, maybe Ravenclaw. Anywhere but Slytherin.
Malfoy's called up, and (surprise, surprise!) he's sorted into Slytherin. He smirks at you and blows you a sarcastic kiss. You stick your tongue out at him and return your attention to the Sorting Hat. Next thing you know, you're called up.
"Monroe, Leighlyn." You breathe out and sit on the stool. The hat takes its time so you think of how you're already friends with Ron and Harry, then you look at Draco. You replayy in your head what you said to him and smile, remembering in his shock. The hat then mumbles, "Intriguing. I'll shake thinhgs up a bit and give you the most interesting next 7 years possible." With that thought, the Sorting Hat shouted, "Slytherin!" Gah!

Harry's P.O.V.
I had talked to Leighlyn on the train while Ron messed around on her iPod. She had seemed nice and funny, and she was pretty, too. I knew Ron was already infatuated.
Waiting in line to be sorted, Leighlyn waved to us, and I waved back while Ron's ears burned red and he started mumbling incoherent things. Leighlyn was called up and she sat on the stool. The Sorting Hat took a while, then shouted Slytherin. Leighlyn's face quickly turned from boredom to horror to disgust to horror again. She reluctantly walked to the Slytherin table, sitting on the opposite end as Malfoy. He smirked and blew her another sarcastic kiss. Leighlyn did the unexpected and flipped Draco off. malfoy just laughed.

Normal P.O.V.
You glumly sit watching as both Ron and Harry, your only friends, get sorted into Gryffindor. Not only are you all alone, but Malfoy keeps being a major buttwipe. Fvck my life, you think, watching the rest of the sorting.

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