Edward Cullen's sister, and Jasper Hale's true love

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Chapter 1


As I was putting gas into my car, when I saw someone that looked just liked me. He had bronze hair, topaz eyes, and smiled just like me. As I was finishing, I walked over to him.
"Hello." I said in my chime voice. He turned and looked at me. I could see it clearly. He had bronze hair, topaz eyes, and neckless that fit in mine.
"Do I know you?"
"Hm..I don't know you, but can you tell me your name?"
"You first."
"Edward Cullen."
"Kasie Masen" His eyes went wide.
"Do you remember me as Edward Masen?"
"Edward? Brother? Is that really you?"
"Yes, yes it is." I wrapped my arms around him and hugged.
"Edward, I thought you where gone! I thought I lost you! Never do that to me again!"
"Don't worry sister, I will never do it to you again."
"I see you still have the neckless."
"Yes, yes I do. Hey, I forgot to ask, when did you change?"
"Oh, well when I was 17, I was dieing the same sickness, but this guy named Carlisle bit me, and then helped you. I was the only one screaming, and no on heard me, so I just thought I was dieing, until the pain went away and I got up and out of the hospital and went to Florida, and lived there for a little while, until I went back to Italy and staid up there for about a century and then I wanted to go to Forks and settle down here. I never thought I would see you again!." I hugged him tighter.
"Well, do you want to see Carlisle again?"
"Yes! I haven't seen him since he'd changed me!"
"Well, get in your Volvo, and follow me."
Just got to love her. he thought.
"Yes, you've just got to love me."
"Hey, you can read minds."
"Yeah. I also have others."
"Like what?"
"Watch." I changed Edwards mood form happy to sad. Then I changed it back.
"Wow mood change."
"And I can tell the future, a tracker, I can put you into a lot of pain, teleport, and I can even change into anything I want. Watch." I wanted to become a human, so I changed into my human form. I still had bronze hair, but green eyes, blood flowing, and I was warm to Edward's touch.
"Wow, how long did this take you to do?"
"Well, I had to practices, and practices, and I finally got a human form. I can change back." I lost my green eyes, lost my warm touch, and got my topaz eyes, and pale skin.
"Can you change into any animal?"
"Even a werewolf?"
"I guess, I never tired."
"Hey, lets go back home."
"But I have no..." home I thought.
"My home, your new home. Follow me." I ran back into my Volvo and followed Edward back to my new home. As we pulled into the driveway, I got a felling that I was welcome. I got out of my car and ran up to Edward.
We walked into the house, but before we walked in I said," I want to scare them"
"Well, I wouldn't do that because Rose hates being scared."
"Oh who cares." I changed into my human form."
"I'm just warning ya." I walked into the house with Edward's hand in mine and Edward yelled for Carlisle.
"Edward, is that your new girlfriend?" That's Emmett. Edward thought.
"Hello Emmett."
"Whoa, scary, she knows us!" As Carlisle came down the stairs, Edward's wife Bella and their child Renesmee also called Nessie came down.
"Edward, who's this?" Carlisle asked.
"Ok now, you've had your fun, change back." I just laughed and I changed back into my vampire form.
"Kasie? Is that really you?"
"Yes Carlisle, it's really me."
"How did you, when did you? Don't answer the last question, but how do you have topaz eyes?"
"Well, remember the last thing you told me?"
"Was it 'Remember, don't drink human blood! Drink animal blood!' "
"Yes. Then you ran after to,"
"Help Edward. I remember now. I'm so glade your here. Welcome home."
"Thank you."
"Edward, why are you holding her hand?"
"Is she your new wife?" Bella gave Emmett a look. I just laughed.
"You haven't told them yet?"
"I thought you were dead! But anyways,"
"Told us what?" A girl with black spiky hair looking at me.
"Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rose, Bella, Esme, Nessie, and Carlisle, meet my sister."
"Sister?" Rose said.
"Yes. I am his sister."
"But how?" Esme asked.
"Well her last name is Masen, and mine was Masen, so yeah, you know the rest."
"Does she have any talent?"
"Do you want to see Jasper?"
"Sure." I looked at Jasper, and then I smiled.
"Pain." He fell down to the ground yelling his head off. Bella back away.
"Kasie stop." I stopped and he looked right at me.
"Wow, just like Jane."
"She has others."
"Yes, I can tell the future, a tracker, I can put you into a lot of pain, teleport, and I can even change into anything I want."
"By the way Kasie, do you remember me?" I looked at Jasper again.
"Jasper Whitlock. I should have known."
"Well I see you remembered me."
"Yes I do."
"Do you still have the ring.....oh you still do." I looked down at my ring finger and I still had the sapphire ring on.
"Wait, he got you a sapphire ring?" Alice asked.
"Well, I was going to marry him, but I thought he'd died. I kept the ring as a reminder that he was still in my heart.
I'm going to kill her! I claimed her mood down form angry to claim.
"Hey, I'm going to be in my room" Alice ran up the stairs.
"Thanks for what?"
"Claiming her."
"Oh it's nothing.
"Yeah. I've done that to so many people."
"So Kasie, tell me everything." Carlisle said


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