WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!! EVERYONE LISTEN TO ME!!!! Please read to the very end.


Chapter 1

I'm not dead!!!

by: _rawr_
ok ok ok ok! i know all of you must hate me. but please please please listen to me! i did not write that. amy. a retarded freak wrote it. she asked if she could write my about me thing. and i let her. i havent been on here in here in a few days and for those of you who have talked to sarah by chance....that wasnt her. she has been in the hospital. ANYTHING YOU GOT ABOUT ME DYING OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT IS A LIE! once again i am so so so so so sorry for all the pain i caused or if i even caused you pain. i shouldnt have let her get on my profile. im so sorry. i hope one day yall can forgive me. =''/ and some of the stuff she said to a select few of you(i hope you know who you are) is true. but most of it is a lie. once again i am deathfully sorry.


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