I Belong to You Alone

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So, its New Story Time! Woop, Woop! It called I Belong to You Alone, Woop, Woop! The main character is named Sarah Lauren Kleppera, she is 16 yrs old and lives-- or shall is say used to live with her dad in Detroit, Michigan. Her dad, being apart of a big-time company has to move to England in order to keep up with his job. Sarah-- oh yeah, call her Sadie!-- doesn't really tolerate British people very much, she thinks they're stuck up and such

Chapter 1

lalala I don't know what to name this chapter... hmmmm how bout "the Beginning"... no! how bout "Moving"... fine! let's go with that!

by: ROBsessed
until she meets Muse's front man, none other than Matthew Bellamy (hee hee, imma sucker for British people •w•)!
Despite this being a love story Sadie and Matthew don't fall in love as fast as Robert and Maranda... Speaking of which, just to let you know, I haven't given up of Maranda and Robert's story... Its just a small break... (Darn you Writers Block!!!) but believe I will not give up on them!!!
Although Matthew and Sadie don't fall madly in love with eachother for the majority of this new adventure, it is... Strongly hinted throughout the story.... I hope you enjoy this even if it might be a bit confusing at the beginning... (My fault...)
-yours truly, Musetwilightyay!
story time!

Its difficult... What's difficult? Just about everything in life is! whether you're just being born, about to graduate from high school or... Or even kindergarten! Maybe choosing a dress for prom or just picking out an outfit for the upcoming day! Why is life so difficult, explain it to me please?! ... Thanks but, you don't have to do that I can explain it myself, about my own life. You know what's difficult about my life? Leaving... Leaving the life you absolutely loved behind. All your friends, your comfy if not-so-safe home, your family who by the way told you that they would "miss you dearly" which only makes you feel even more miserable! And in some cases you have to break your guys heart and although they weren't exactly the guy of your dreams, it still pained you to see them cry. Shh, yeah that right there is my life right now, in a nutshell. And my father and I are leaving that all behind (of course my parents didn't have to break each others hearts to go through it but heyy, people always say that life isn't fair).
After all that rambling I did (a thing I'm prone to doing), I forgot to introduce myself! Well for starters Sarah, my mom was big on religion and stuff so she named me after Abraham's wife (I don't really like my name much, I think its too common) and I just recently found out that the name Sadie derived from Sarah so I prefer to be called Sadie, like a (very unique by the way) nickname. So I am known as Sarah "Sadie" Lauren Kleppera, I am 16 years old and I used to live in Detroit, Michigan (and I know what your thinking) "isn't it dangerous there?" and "are you a juvenile delinquent?"... Yes it is a dangerous place and No I'm not a juvenile delinquent don't go all stereotypical on me, ok?
No means for conceding but let me describe me not my city. I have brown hair to my upper back, I'm about 5'5" and I have--
"Sarah!" my dad called. I ran down stairs and tapped my dad on the shoulder, he swiftly turned around seeming startled. "You scared me Sarah! Its time to go, do you have all your things packed?" he asked. "I told you this time and time again, call me Sadie how hard is that?" I asked avoiding his first question. "Okay, Saide do you have all your things packed?"
"Yes dad, yes! Why wouldn't I, infact..." I said running back up to get my bags that were packed, ran downstairs and swung the bag in my dad's face. "What about your band posters...?" he asked and then I gasped. "Shoot! One second dad, I'll be right back!" I ran back up stairs to get my posters of my two favorite bands: Weezer and Radiohead, I rolled them up tied them with a rubber band and went back down stairs. "Thanks dad, I don't know what I'd do without these!" I grabbed all of my things and stuffed them inside my dad's car when we got outside. This was going to be the longest trip of my life! And when I say that I mean that we have to drive all the way to New Jersey and get a flight from there all the way to England my dad got a big check from God only knows where so now he wants to blow it on living in a place with a whole bunch of snotty people and boarding schools! They don't even have good food and on top of all of that, the patriots kicked their butts in the American Revolution, so why are we moving there? Because my dad has money to blow! He already knows what house we're moving in and everything!
We finally arrived at the airport and boarded the plane on our expedition to misery. I didn't want to think about it so I was asleep literally the whole plane ride, not even waking up to eat. I only made small midnight trips to the bathroom but that's it.

"Sar-- I mean Sadie. Wake up. The plane landed. Wake up!" my dad said shaking me to wake up. I opened my eyes then rubbed them to get a clear view. "Sadie, we're here!" my dad said enthusiastically. "Yay." I said less enthusiastically. I got up got all my luggage and followed my dad out of the plane. "Sara-- I mean Sadie, Welcome to England!" he said a bit over dramatically. "woohoo, where's our house now?" I asked. "I forgot to tell you that I bought a car from here and I already have a valid license from that business trip I took here so our new car should be somewhere in this parking lot... Oh there it is!" we ran over to the car making it a race and naturally, I won because my dad got winded halfway through, pshh, old people! I went to the place where a passenger's seat would be if we were in America but my dad said "other side" because I didn't know that the British drove such awkward and peculiar cars.
"This is the neighborhood," my dad said smiling. We drove past a cool-looking house and from the inside I could hear someone playing a guitar, they actually sounded decent and the chords were so... Unique. "who ever is in that house will probably be a good friend of your's." my dad mused. "Do you even know who lives in that house?" I asked curiously. "Mhm, a nice woman named Marilyn Bellamy and her son Matthew, he's around your age and he quite a looker if I do say so myself..."
"DAD! that's the creepiest thing I've ever heard out of your mouth!" I screeched. "By the way our house is right next to their's."
"In that case, if I do become friends with this Matthew boy-- which I doubt I will because I hate British people-- I don't want any of your creepiness when you talk to me about him, mmk?"
"Whatever," he said pulling up in out driveway. Our house was pretty, not as much as our supposedly 'good looking' neighbors' but our house was still pretty.
Knowing my dad he already had our house completely furnished, he knew my style so of course, my room was purple with a cool bedspread. I put all my clothes in the dressers and I hung up my Radiohead and Weezer posters. I stepped back and looked around with satisfaction clearly across my face. I took my iPod out of my pocket, leaped on my bed and plugged the earphones in my ears. Before I hit play my father called me. "Sadie! The er... Neighbors I told you about are here!" grrreaaat! I took the earphones out of my ears and trudged down the stairs. I looked towards the door and saw a woman and a boy standing there, the woman smiling and the boy... The first thing I noticed about him was his bright blue eyes. They were almost like an ocean compared to my bland hazel ones. He had black, spiky hair and unbearably pale skin that only complimented his eyes, he had a funny shaped nose but it kind of fit him. He looked about my age and was kind of short, maybe... 5'7" or so. "Sadie, this is Marilyn and this is Matthew." he said. "Uh, hi... I'm um, actually Sarah but please, call me Sadie." I said shaking each of their hands lingering on Matthew's unnaturally soft ones. "Hi, Sadie. Its nice to mmm meet you..." Matthew said with an accent. "Why don't you guys go in the backyard? Mrs. Bellamy and I will stay in here and have a drink."
"Uhm, sure dad... Where's the back door?" I asked. "In the livingroom towards the back, you'll see it." he said and I headed for the living room Matthew coming slowly behind me.
I knew that my dad would've had the backyard specially decorated too. Flowers and seats and anything else you could think of. I saw a cool-looking swing seat so I headed for that. Matthew sat in a seat to the side of it. "...So... You play... Guitar...?" I asked. "How did you know...?" he asked defensively scooting away from me. "I heard you when my dad and I were driving by... You're pretty good! Do you have a band?" I said hopefully taking this conversation the right way. "Yeah, its just me and two other friends... I sing, play guitar and piano." whoa that's impressive, I'd love to hear him sing. "Oh cool, do you have a name...?" I asked. "Muse," he replied with an unfathomable tone of voice. I thought it was a great name, why did he say it with so little enthusiasm? "I love that name!" I said with a sharp interest. "Weally? Thanks!" I smiled when I heard him say 'weally' and not 'really'. "Oh my gosh, you can't say your R's can't you?" I asked laughing. "No, I mean sometimes I can but the majority of the time, I can't." He said frowning at his flaw. I actually thought it was cute, and to my surprise my dad was right. Matthew Bellamy was actually cute. Maybe British people aren't all the same... "You should hang out with us sometime. Dom and Chris would love to meet you. Maybe we'll play something for you. You're pwobably coming to the same school as us so, yeah." Matthew said as he came to sit by me on the swing. I looked at him and smiled, teeth and all. "Thanks! I'd love to hang with you more often." I retorted. "Matthew! Come on its time to go!" His mom yelled from the kitchen he rolled his beautiful blue eyes and got up. "I'll see you tomorrow, maybe." he waved. "Yeah bye Matthew." I said with a hint of sadness. "Bye Sadie, and please call me Matt, Matthew is too... business-like." he replied with a toothy smile. His teeth weren't the best in the world but he sure had a dazzlingly contagious smile. After the Bellamys' left I had dinner and went straight for bed excited for the up coming day.
I woke up the next day at 6:00 AM and ran straight for my dresser. I thought about Matt a lot last night and I didn't realized that I even payed attention to what he was wearing yesterday but I remembered... He was wearing a red shirt and dark skinny jeans.... Creepy right? So I out a red checkered shirt and black skinny jeans. I combed out my hair left it down and ran into the bathroom to brush my teeth.
"Hey dad," I said when I arrived down stairs for breakfast. "Good morning Sadie... Hey didn't Matthew have red on yesterday?" he asked suspiciously. Its a good thing a was an awesome liar or I would've never pulled this off: "I don't know dad, me and Mah-- I mean Matthew didn't really... hit it off yesterday. I think he's a bit too conceded. The only thing he talked about was how qoute, 'awesomely awesome' he was with his guitar... Really got on my nerves. I told you how much I dislike British people!" I said trying to cover up that I had almost said Matt... That would have made my dad suspicious.
"Wow, okay. Uh, didn't expect that!" my dad said handing me a plate of scrambled eggs. "Hurry up you have to be at school in 20 minutes." I scarffed doen my eggs and drank a big glass of orange juice. "For a girl with a strong distaste for British people you sure seem excited to a British dominated school." my dad commented. "Just, really hungry dad. I haven't eaten for 8 hours after all."
"True, true." I put my dishes in the sink, grabbed my book bag and headed for dad's car.
When I got out of my dad's car and he drove away I put my hand over my eyes scoping for Matt. "Hey Sadie!" someone said poking my back. I turned around to find Matt and gasped. We were nearly nose to nose and I backed away. "Hey Matt," I said putting my hair behing my ear. We walked together inside and luckily we had homeroom together. "Did you uh, happen to tell your dad that you and I... Didn't really like eachother...?" he asked and I could have sworn that he read my mind. "Actually, yes I did... You?"
"Mhmm... My mom didn't believe for two seconds... By the way, that top looks good on you." he said "Well my dad did! And thanks!" I replied and then we both started laughing. "Wow this will be kind of hard to explain when we get together at your dad's house ag--" Matt was interupted by a girl who walked in between us. "Hi Matty-booboo!" the girl said in a baby talk voice that I found quite annoying. "Hi Clarissa," he said and it seemed liked he was also annoyed. She kissed him on the cheek and all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my chest. She was his girlfriend?! I couldn't believe it... That is the kind of girl he dates? She was dressed like... Like a... UGH! I tried to keep a smile on my face and turned my head to her. "What homeroom do you have?" I asked trying to be polite. "Chemistry," She said rolling her eyes not at chemistry but at me. "Sadie and I have English which is straight ahead. Meanwhile chemistry is on the next right..." when we were by the turn she was supossed to take he said, "Bye Clarissa." and she kissed him on the lips as if I weren't standing there. "Bye Matty! I love you!" she yelled as she ran towards her class. "Finally, I'm so sorry about that Sadie." he apologized putting hid arm around my shoulder. It felt wrong, but Matt is only my friend and by the looks of his girlfriend, we would probably stay that way.

Matt's POV
This sucked! I could see it in Sadie's eyes that she was hurt when Clarissa kissed me... I hate Clarissa very much, Dom is the one who set me up with her in the first place! But there's a person I hate even more than Clarissa.... Me. I sat there the whole time in English just staring at Sadie. She was so... Unique, and not to mention drop-dead gourgeous! It only made matters worse to look at her (There wasn't an available seat next to me so the teacher just had to put her in front of me!).
Worse yet, she was going to hang out with Dom, Chris, and I. I know that she'd take one look at Dom and forget I was even in her presence. I breathed a sigh of relief and I was happy and sad at the same time to see that I didn't have the next class with her... Happy because I couldn't bare to stare at her anymore and sad because I couldn't see her...

Sadie's POV
It was finally time for English to be over and time for Geometry. I walked inside the class room and looked around. I was happy and sad at the same time to see that Matt wasn't there. Happy because I couldn't stand to see him again after what happened this morning and sad because I... couldn't see him. "Hi there!" someone said as I took an empty seat. I look at the seat next to me to see a boy who looked about as tall as Matt but he had blond hair. "Uh, hi... I'm Sarah, but call me Sadie." I greeted. "I'm Dominic, its nice to meet you Sadie... By the way call me Dom..." it's... It was Matt's friend that he mentioned when he came to my house yesterday. I wanted to at least be politically correct I was about to ask but he interupted me. "did you just move to England? You don't seem... British." he asked. "I'm not, I moved here from... America." I said not wanting to give out my hometown's name to such a... Poised person (who was also extremely cute). "That's cool, hope you didn't drive here!" he joked and I laughed. "Dominic Howard stop flirting with the new girl!" the teacher said and everyone laughed at us, I looked over at Dom and he was blushing. "Welcome to Geometry miss Sarah Kleppera, I'm Mr. Rienson." Mr. Rienson said. "Uhm please, call me Sadie..."
"Yes Sarah?" he asked as if he didn't hear me . "Nevermind." I said sharply.
As we were sittng there, taking notes Dom slipped me a note. Do you want to hang out with my friends and I after lunch? I put it on top of my notebook and replied: Speaking of which, do you happen to know Matthew Bellamy...? He already invited me so... Yeah and passed it back to him. He looked at me and nodded. He's my best friend, I'm glad he invited you you're going to love the band he wrote. I smiled at him and wrote To new friendships! and he replied the same thing, nodding in agreement.
I went through 3 other classes-- Chemistry, History and Art class-- and none of them had Dom or Matt so I couldn't wait until lunch. It was finally here. When I got my luch I saw Dom, Matt, another guy who must of been Chris, Matt's girlfriend and another girl, probably Dom's girlfriend. I walked to the table trying to keep a smile on my face. I sat down and Matt and Dom smiled widely. "Hi Sadie!" they said in unison. Matt's girlfriend Clarissa rolled her eyes and the other girl laughed. "So, Sadie. This is Chris and this is Kathleen, his girlfriend." Dom said introducing Chris and his girlfriend, emphasizing the word 'his girlfriend' like he knew what I was thinking. "It's nice to meet you, Chris, Kathleen." I said smiling. "Enough with the introducing, Matty-boo am I coming to your band practice after lunch?" Clarissa asked in that irritating baby-talk voice. "I don't know, are you?" Matt asked probably hoping she'd say no. I smiled at the thought of her not being there. She grimaced at me and said: "I've decided that I'm officially coming!" "Ooooh joy!" Kathleen said I could tell that she didn't like Clarissa anymore than I. "sorry," I mouthed to her and Kathleen smiled. "S'okay" she said aloud and everyone looked at her. "I mean... Yeah! Let's all watch the guys perform!" she yelled with a hint of sarcasm. We all laughed, I stopped to listen to Matt's laugh and smiled at him, he had a cute laugh and Clarissa, being the queen of ruining things, of course ruined the laughter. She kissed him on the cheek and he frowned. Kathleen and Chris rolled their eyes, Kathleen out of annoyance and Chris out of humor. Dom looked at me smiling and I was just smiling trying to be polite. The bell rang and Dom took my tray and dumped it for me.
He led me to the room they practiced in woth his arm around my shoulder. We were behind everyone so he took this small alone time to hit on me. "You have... Extremely pretty hair. " he complimented. "Uh, thanks." I said staring at Matt trying not to pay attention to Clarissa who was forcefully holding his hand. "I know, it's weird... Clarissa normally never even pays attention to Matt but whenever she feels that there is someone who could ruin their relationship she literally throws herself at him... I wonder who's causing her to act that way...? Not Kathleen and certainly not you... Maybe there's another new girl! And maybe she caught Matt looking at her!" Dom said and without knowing it he just explained this whole ordeal to me. It was me who was making Clarissa act like this!
We all got inside the room and the boys set up their instruments. Clarissa was standing by Matt the whole time and Kathleen came by my side. "So, you like Matt don't you?" she asked. "What? Ha! What are you talking about...? I-- I don't li-- I don't liiiii-- okay I do but, I'm afraid that..." I trailed off. "Afraid of who? Clarissa? Clarissa can barely rip a piece of notebook paper in half! Don't be afraid of her!" she said quietly laughing. "I can tell that Dom has a crush on you but when you show any sign of interest in Matt and Matt has mutual feelings Dom'll back off. They have some sort of brotherly connection like that, although they're not related in anyway." she explained. I smiled looking at Matt. "See you only make it obvious that you like Matthew. That's why Clarissa decided to tag along because she sees you as a threat. You're a pretty girl who obviously likes Matt, and she automatically thinks 'Oh god no, don't let Matt breakup with me!' And that is also why she dresses the way she does..."
"That's kind of sad..." I said and we both laughed. "Yeah, I kind of have the eye and mind for relationships and relationship problems... I think you and Matt would make a beautiful couple!" she said and I smiled even more widely. "You're like, a relation guru or something!"
"What can I say, I was born this way!" we started laughing and the guys looked at us and smiled. Clarissa snickered in annoyance. "I'm leaving! Bye Matt." she said storming out. "Good nobody wants you here anyways," Chris said.
"There's no need for rudeness. Even if Clarissa deserves it." Dom replied. "Come on guys, let's just play for Sadie and Kathleen." Matt pleaded. Matt fingered his guitar and what seemed like random notes turned into a rhythm. Chris chimed in with his bass guitar and when Matt started singing Dom banged in his drums.
I watched in amusement-- no pun intended-- but Matt was an amazing singer and all three of them sounded outstanding. When Matt finished off with the highest note he could hit (which was very high for a guy...) Kathleen and I clapped. "That was awesome you guys! Whoa Matt, doesn't your voice hurt now?" Kathleen asked and he nodded his head and took a swig of water. "I'm speechless..." I said I couldn't find any words to describe how good they sounded especially Matt... The bell rang and we all headed off to our last class which I had with Matt and Dom so I was super excited to see them together in a classroom environment... Like a science experiment.
"Hey Sadie!.... Dude, we should really stop this unison stuff!" Dom and Matt said together and then laughed. At least they won't let a girl tear them apart especially a girl like me. Dom put his arm on Matt's shoulder and Matt put his on mine and they led me to a circular table in the back and sat down. "I'm surprised the teacher let's you guys near eachother in class." I said smiling. "Yeah but this particular teacher loves us!" Matt replied. "Yeah, its the only class that I'm actually--"
"Passing?" Matt interupted Dom in mid-sentence. "No! It the only class I'm actually getting an A+ in..." Dom replied and then we all started laughing. Matt and I sighed and Dom stared at us. "Whoa, weird synchronized-sighs there..."
"Anyways, what class is this exactly...?" I asked since I had forgotten. "Ah, Journalism... Its an elective class so your dad must have placed you in here... I chose it because I knew the teacher and Matt chose it because he writes things with deep feeling and the teacher loves him for it... Like our songs, he writes most of them." Dominic explained. "Good afternoon class... Dominic, Matt who is that with you?" the teacher asked. "This is Sarah... Sarah Kleppera... Call her Sadie." Matt and Dom answered at the same time. "Ah yes! Hello Sadie! Please, why don't you introduce yourself what... Interests you...?" I stood up and introduced myself. "Hey! I'm Sarah 'Sadie' Lauren Kleppera. My interest is making up stories with an extravagant beginning, an outlandish plot and an inspiring ending." I said taking a dramatic bow and sat back down. Matt and Dom smiled at me and put thier hands out, I hit Doms and Matt's softly, Matt's and mine lingering on eachother. Matt blushed and put his hand down. Dom looked at us as if he suddenly understood everything giving me a congratulatory smile and approving smile to Matthew. This time, while we were writing a journal entry about our favorite type of apocalyptic ending to the Earth-- mine being zombies with the help of unicorns-- Matt passed me a note. Come to my house tomorrow... Its an off day so you can come as early or late as you like, my mom will be gone so, we'll be alone for the majority of the time he wrote. Cool but I don't wanna worry my dad... Plus then I'd have to explain that I did have a good relationship with you I wrote back. There's always lying... he suggested.
true... But I don't want to lie to him again, I'll just tell him (: he read it and gave me a thumbs up and a smile.
The bell finally rang and it was time to go home... I couldn't wait until tomorrow!

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