What If? Part 13 {Scorpius Malfoy and Lily Potter}

This one is a little longer than normal(5 pages in word!); I would usually break it into two parts, but I think you guys are going to be a little shocked and are going to need an explanation.

Chapter 1

The Aftermath of Hair Dye and Quidditch Kisses

by: BakaGreen
Scorpius had never seen Lily this...furious couldn't even begin to cover it. They went to Hogsmeade and the whole way there she was cursing out Flint. She never said, exactly what he told her, but he had an inkling it was about him. Loki tried joking about the yelling he'd heard and she'd about decked him right then and there in front of the Professors.

She was in a better mood after Honeydukes where she got chocolate. "Lils lets go here," Ronnie said. He watched as Lily wrinkled her nose at the place. It carried enchanted nail polish, make-up, hair dye and face paint. "Why?" she whined.

"You'll see. Why don't you guys go to Zonko's we'll meet you there later," she said pulling Lily into the shop. "If I don't come back in five minutes,"

"Wait longer," Ronnie said with a smirk, pulling the girl by her arm.

"Why did I have to come in here?" she whined. Ronnie grabbed two boxes of hair dye: green and silver. Lily smiled.

"Don't you have a Quidditch game coming up?" Lily smiled and nodded. "You know the paint always smears..."

"I like the way you think," the red head giggled grabbing the two boxes and heading to the register.

It was early, even earlier than when Lily wakes up when Ronnie got out of bed. "Lils you have to get up it you want me to put the dye in your hair," grudgingly she got up. The two girls figured out the directions and Lily sat on the counter with a towel over her head.

"Do I want to know?" Celia asked wrinkling her nose. "Why did I have to get stuck with such mental roommates?" she asked herself.

Lily waited impatiently, then Imogene came up with some food. "Thanks, Mojo. I didn't think it would take this long,"

"Don't eat it all; it's for Ronnie too and can you please stop calling me that?" she asked.

"Whatever are you talking about Mojo?" Lily asked as she grinned eating some pastry. The girl rolled her eyes and headed to the common room in the search for her scarf. Lily waited as long as she possibly could, before she called Ronnie. "I'm going to be late. If we don't hurry we're going to be disqualified," Ronnie cursed before helping her rinse out the dye. She helped Lily dry it with a quick spell before pulling the highlighted green hair back with two silver ringlets (magically, so they would stay during the game) framing her face. "I'm not going to have time to change into my robes!" she said. Then, as if on cue, Celia walked in with the robes tossing them at Lily.

"I didn't want my mental roommate to cost us a game," she said, her eyes widening at her hair.

"Did I ever mention I have the best roommates in the world?" Lily asked. Then the three girls chorused, "Yes!" and urged her to hurry up. Then the three girls were sprinting down the pitch hoping they weren't too late.

"Where's Potter?" Flint snarled at his team. "Malfoy have you seen her?" he asked looking at his seeker, then he turned to Loki. "Well?" he really hoped she wasn't' serious about quitting. That girl was just so stubborn.

"Maybe she overslept," Loki finally answered with a shrug, inturrupting his thoughts.

"Sure," he said sarcastically; Lily the person who gets up at the crack of dawn oversleeping.

"I didn't see her roommates at breakfast come to think of it," Goyle said speaking up. Flint cursed.

"We can't very well send out a bloody search party!" he shouted, then thought of the argument. He was on the war path. That's when Potter walked in, wearing Quidditch robes with green and silver hair. "Where were you?" he yelled. She just smiled and sat next to Scorpius (which earned a groan from the team). "And the better question is: What the bloody hell happened to your head?!"

"You like it? It took a little longer than expected..." she said with a smile. "What's the matter I'm here now?"

"/What's the matter/?" he mimicked. "You nearly cost us the game, because you had to do your bloody hair!"

"You do realize there's a back up Keeper? Besides I thought I quit anyway?" she asked with a fake smile that infuriatied him more. If she wasn't such a good player she would have kicked her off the team right then and there.

Lily was blissfully happy. Not only did her hair look great, she also managed to piss Flint off. However her happiness was wearing off because of the STUPID BEATER! You wouldn't expect Hufflepuff beaters to hit the bludgers that hard. Her wrist was hurting from getting hit three times already, but she bought a brace to wear after the games. Madame Pomfrey would freak out if she came to the hospital wing again and probably tell her not to play in the next game.

She watched from the goal post as the Hufflepuff Keeper struggled to keep the Quaffle out. That's when she saw it: a flash of gold. "Score! Go over there!" she shouted at him. He looked at her perplexed but then smirked and went after it.

"MALFOY CAUGHT THE SNITCH! SLYTHERIN WINS THE MATCH!" shouted the announcer. The whole game was over in less than two hours. Lily went to the ground to congradulate Scorpius when Flint stood in front of her.

"What do you want?" she groaned.

"To do this," was all he said, before he leaned in a planted a kiss on her lips. Lily pulled away and put a hand over her mouth. It was her first kiss. In front of half the school. In front of Scorpius. People watched with baited breath waiting for reaction. What to do? Punch him? Kick him where it hurts? Yell...They all didn't seem very satisfying. Her lips still tingled and she did what every one least expected her to do.

"Flint can I talk with you?" It was a professors voice, Lily didn't know which one she was concentrating on the person in front of her. That's when she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him right back. The professor was shocked and so was he. She pulled away and looked at him, then at everyone else.

They were all in shock and the professors had no idea how to react. That's when Flin-Marvolo grabbed her hand and squeezed it. She guessed him being a slimey git was his way of showing her he liked her. Teenage boys are so complicateed.

After the game everyone was in shock; even the professors. Lily was surprised that they didn't give them detention. She'd avoided pretty much everyone and she had no idea who to talk to. Celia and Imogene, well she didn't want their advice and Ronnie was sort of angry. Then there was Scorpius, but a guy really wasn't the right person to talk to.

She'd ate with Avery at breakfast and needless to say they avoided her. She glanced at the Gryffindor table. James looked disgusted and Rose looked confused. Victoire and Teddy didn't even meet her gaze; they really had no room to say anything.

She sighed as they had to leave for classes. She was heading up the stairs when she heard her name. She saw Marvolo heading up the stairs after her. "Can I talk with you?" he asked, this time he treated her to a smile.

"Sure, let's just..." she pointed to the landing so they wouldn't have to worry about the stairs changing their direction. "Listen it was a mistake this weekend. Let's just forget about, I should have punched you when I had the chance," she said.

"That wasn't what I was going to say. I was going to ask if you wanted to be..."

"Boyfriend and girlfriend? Wouldn't that be awkward?" she asked. He looked at her with his eyes. She'd never noticed them before. They were dark brown, almost black but had gold flecks.

"I don't know. We can either pretend that never happened or..."

"Make the most of it," she completed.

"What do you say?" he asked. Lily looked him straight in the eye before murmuring a quiet, "Yes," which was very unlike her. "I'll walk you to class you have Charms don't you? It's on my way to Tranfig." he put an arm around her waist and off they went.

Lily was tired of her house. She needed to study for a test in Potions and couldn't do that in the common room. People kept on looking at her or Flint would come in the common room and pretend to read next to her or Avery would come in and bug her with questions. She needed quiet. Usually she would head up to Scorpius's dorm and study in there, but she avoided that for obvious reasons and lately he'd been ignoring her.

Exasperated she picked up her stuff and marched to the library. It was filled with mostly Ravenclaws, but a few Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs scattered around, mostly in study groups. She found an empty table and sat down with several books. She was trying to figure out what she was doing wrong in the Antidote to Uncommon Poisons; it still didn't make any sense. She layed her head down on the books and sighed.

"You can't absorb things through osmosis," startled Lily looked up and saw Rose sitting across from her.

"I know that!" she snapped. "Sorry, stressed out by the test tommorrow," Rose picked up a book and looked at it.

"Potions? I thought Scorpius usually helped you with that,"

"He does, but he's been busy lately..." Lily said in a hushed whisper not wanting to get kicked out. She grabbed the book back from Rose who was giving her a funny look. "What?"

"We both know I didn't come here to talk about your potions test, I came here to talk about your, um..." even the usually eloquent Rose struggled for words. "Boyfriend. I was nominated as the family representative to talk to you," Lily rolled her eyes. It was exactly what her family would. "Listen Flint is too old for you Lily and I don't know why you would something like that,"

"What kiss him on the pitch? He did it first,"

"I know but,"

"But what?"

"What about Scorpius," Lily shut her eyes and bit her bottom lip. Not wanting to here the obvious truth about how dumb she was being. She did not need to hear this now. "He likes you Lil and we know you like him. James is threatning to tell your dad. You know he won't take this well," Lily shook her head.

"First off I will never date Scorpius Malfoy and I'm sure he thinks the same thing. Second off I was planning on telling dad at Christmas anyway," with that Lily packed her stuff up and left afraid that Rose could tell she was lying.

"You can't keep on avoiding her," Loki told Scorpius who was buried in books.

"I'm not avoiding her! I need to finish this essay for History of Magic," he said.

"Score come on. We all know your mad at her. Yesterday Lily,Lily, went to the library to study." It was Warren this time. Scorpius put down his quill and looked at them.

"Just drop it guys," he said

"How come she didn't come to our dorm last night to ask for your help, huh? We all now Lily can't brew a potion to save her life and there's a test this Friday." Loki said. "Listen I even think she's an idiot for going out with Flint, she won't listen to anyone but you," Scorpius snorted. Like Lily would listen to anyone period. At that Scorpius got up. "Your going to talk to her?" he asked hopefully.

"It's dinner," he mumbled. He walked down into the common room in time to see Lily giving Flint a kiss then grabbing his hand and pulling him out the portrait hole. It made him sick to see this. His blood boiled.

In the Great Hall she sat next to him and almost the whole house was giving them eyerolls. Was she really that blind? He turned around and James caught his attention. He didn't look very happy either, then he made eye contact with Scorpius. He wanted him to talk to her too. He shrugged his shoulders. Was he the only person that knew Lily wouldn't listen to anybody? If you pushed her in one direction she pushed back in the opposite direction or the one people would least expect. He knew the only reason she kissed Flint back on the pitch was of something Ronnie said, something most likely about him and Lily. She was determined to prove people wrong, even if if meant that she was unhappy.

Not being able to tolerate the atmosphere anymore he got up suddenly and walked straight past a laughing Lily.

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