One Less Lonely Girl (A Justin Bieber Love story) chapter 3

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Chapter 1

It's not like that! Mmm but maybe.......

by: Cami_
Brittany's POV:
So you wanna grab some coffee? Justin asked.
Ummm....sure. I said
Cool he replied.
Justin and I left and went to Starbucks. Justin and I were talking about baseball teams and he suggested we take a walk in the park. We walked around and then sat on a bench. We started talking about our favorite colors when he suddenly whispered 'you're so beautiful'. I didn't know how to respond and I heard giggling behind me. I turned around, but didn't see anything.
It's probably just fans. Justin said. 
(Brittany-B & JB- Justin Bieber. Oh and if it's *B- or *JB-, it's what they're doing)
B- yeah probably
JB- so what's your
B- hmmm......I'd have to say football
JB- why's that?
B- Tyler is the QB for our school and I like the game
JB- my favorite sport games!
B- that's not a real sport
JB- well then I'd have to say.....kissing
B- kissing?! Thats not a sport either! 
JB- what's your definition of a sport?
B- my definition? I think a sport is challenging,intense,and fun
JB- and what about the players?
B- players should enjoy it, have fun, and have a passion for it
*JB- leaned in and kissed me. Slowly, reverently, he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance and I opened my mouth. He and I kissed and all I could think was yes! I knew I shouldn't be doing it so I pulled back.
JB- now can you honestly tell me that, that wasn't a sport, by your definition?
B- I guess you got me
JB- i knew I would.
I rolled my eyes and stood up. Justin wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into his lap. 
B- you know I have a boyfriend
JB- i know but can't a guy spend time with a girl? 
*B- I was about to reply when I heard more giggling. I stood up and walked behind the tree where I heard the noise come from. Crouched down I saw Mo & Ab giggling and making kissy noises at Justin and I. 
Mo,Ab what are you doing here?! I asked
We wanted to see what would happen on your date. They replied
It's not a date! You know I have a boyfriend! I said.
Yeah, me. A voice said from behind me.
Tyler? I whirled around. There stood Tyler my awesome, hot boyfriend. I hugged him. Tyler what are you doing here?!
I'm here watching my girlfriend cheat on me. He replied.
Tyler it's not like that! You know how much I despise Justin Bieber! I explained.
Well I did but now I'm not so sure.
Justin walked over and said, it's not
like that. She was my One Less Lonely Girl at my concert and afterwards I asked to take her to coffee. Just as friends. JB said.
T-(Tyler) then why did you kiss her?
B- he kissed me because..... Well he kissed me and then he asked me out but I said no because I have a boyfriend. 
T- I think you mean had
B- Tyler I explained it all and you still don't believe me?!
T- no I believe you it's just that, I don't think we should be together anymore
B- it's Kate  isn't it? 
T- no it's just.......
B- you like Kate and you rather not continue cheating on me with her, because what if she found out that you were dating her best friend at the same time. She wouldn't like you anymore. So yeah go ahead and leave I don't need a cheater for a boyfriend. Oh and just remember this, you might get a ruined reputation or maybe you'll wake up underwater in Cuba! You never know. I'm not a fan of cheaters. Don't you remember Brandon?
T- who's Brandon?
B- Exactly, I think he tripped and fell over the side of a cliff........
Tyler turned and left. Justin looked at me, wierd. 
JB-who's Brandon? 
B- my ex in Ohio
JB- your from Ohio?!
B- yep. Moved here two years ago.
*B- turned to Mo & Ab
B- and you two, go back to Tori and go home.
Mo- I forgot my cell!
Ab- I don't have one!
B- here. Use mine! 
Mo and Ab called Tori and Tori pulled up in her car. The two girls jumped in and headed home. Mo and Tori were sleeping over.
B- I should probably get going.
JB- how are you gonna get home?
B- walk, home is not that far may be five blocks.. Give or take 8 blocks.
JB- that's pretty far. Why don't I drive you?
B- oh no, that's not necessary. I like the walk.
JB- then can I join you?
B- Go ahead
They started walking.................CLIFFHANGER! For now! 


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