Falling for the Pranksters (A Fred and George Weasley Love Story)

yeah sooo....the title says it all dude :)

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hamburgaaaaaaas (thats how u saw hamburgers in Japanese!!!)

Oh and I'm making ur name _ and I'm gonna tell it in 1st person so im using I, me and stuff like that. So im telling it as you! :D

Chapter 9

We Could Share You

At dinner that night, Fred and George seemed completely normal. I guess they didn't tell each other yet. I noticed they both stared at me during dinner. I sat closer to them at dinner though. I couldn't help but return the smile to both of them, it made me get butterflies. I also noticed that Fred winked at me once, and it was so cute!
It's weird how I didn't really care much for the twins in previous years, but now I seem to be so involved with them. I forgot I even had feelings for Cedric. Speaking of him, he entered his name into the Goblet of Fire. I think the twins are slightly jealous of that.
After dinner that night, I was sitting in the common room when I saw Fred and George enter. They seemed to be arguing, and I attempted to block them out. The next thing I knew, they were sitting in front of me.
"Well?" George asked
"I'm sorry?" I asked
"Who do you want to be with?!" Fred asked, his eyes watering again.
"You guys can't just pressure me like this, I don't know-"
"You have to know _," Fred said
"But I seriously care for both of you deeply," I stammered.
"Well then we have to figure something out, because this isn't going to work the way we're doing it now!" George said, staring intently at me.
"You guys are twins, but you're different in so many ways. I can't decide who I want more, that's ludicrous," I stated.
"Well I mean... I have an idea," Fred muttered.
"Really? What is it?" I asked, curiously tilting my head.
"Me and Georgey are twins, and we're used to sharing things. I don't know if it'd work with a person but..."
"Are you insane?" George questioned his mirrored opposite, "I mean, we'dd still get jealous of each other, don't you think?"
"Well I was thinking, one of us could date her publicly, and the other could have the, you know, alone time," Fred said, smirking at the last bit.
"Are you sure you two would be able to share me. I'm a living thing, not a broomstick," I stated, which made them chuckle slightly.
"It'll work. So Georgey, you can date her publicly-" Fred started.
"Oh no, I insist you date her publicly, it was your idea and all!" George stated.
"Oh no brother, you are much too kind, I feel you should date her publicly."
"Fred, I insist you date her, it'd be better that way," George rambled.
"Oh Georgey, you should date her publicl-"
"Oh my Jesus! I'll date Fred publicly, there problem solved!" I said, finally ending the bickering. George snickered at Fred, but Fred just smirked back at him.
"Well in that case, goodnight my sweet," Fred said standing, pulling me towards him, and kissing me for about fifteen seconds. "Sweet dreams," He added kissing my forehead. George glared at him as he walked up stairs. I stood there in disbelief for a few seconds whenever George decided to say something.
"So, about that alone time,"
"No," I said, sticking my tongue out at him and heading towards the stairs.
"Just let me know when!" George shouted jokingly up the stairs.

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