Falling for the Pranksters (A Fred and George Weasley Love Story)

yeah sooo....the title says it all dude :)

moo moo cow ahaha sorry that was random XD

hamburgaaaaaaas (thats how u saw hamburgers in Japanese!!!)

Oh and I'm making ur name _ and I'm gonna tell it in 1st person so im using I, me and stuff like that. So im telling it as you! :D

Chapter 2

Quidditch World Cup prt 2

A couple of hours before the game and we were getting ready to go. I put on a jacket because I was getting cold even though it was really hot out. I put some gold into my bag and anything else I might want at the game. Harry and Ron were randomly wandering around the tent when they decided to come over and talk to me.
Harry and Ron were in Gryffindor too (I never mentioned the house you were in...haha) and they seemed really nice. I like Ron a lot more than the twins though.
"Hey, _. Do you wanna sit with me, Ron, and Hermione at the game?" Harry asked.
"Sure, I guess," I said, smiling.
"Great!" Ron said. They both walked away and I decided to walk outside. Cedric and his dad were outside. Ced smiled at me and I smiled back. I went over and stood next to him.
"Hey, are you sitting next to anyone at the game?" he asked.
"Oh, yeah. Ron and Harry asked if I'd sit next to them and Hermione," I said.
"But you could sit on one side of me I guess..." I said. Ced smiled and we talked about things that were going to happen this year until it was time to go. I ran into the tent and got my bag.
I ended up getting a Bulgarian hat and a little Viktor Krum figurine thing. I didn't really care much for it, I just thought I should get something from the game. We reached the booth we were sitting in and Harry, Ron, Hermione, Cedric, and we all sat down in the first row of seats that had 5 seats in a row open. Cedric smiled warmly at me and I blushed and I looked away. Then they happened.
Fred and George sat right behind us. I smiled to myself. After I left the tent, I noticed that they hadn't followed. We were all standing outside the tent anyways though (Mr. Weasley was making sure we were all there). So I went to investigate of course. I peeked my head into the tent and they were looking for Fred's boxers! It was hilarious! I quickly ran back to everyone else before they noticed I'd left.
They'd never find the boxers. It'd be really awkward if they did...
"Run! _, come on! We have to go!" Fred said pulling me along. We were running through the forest. Apparantly, Death Eaters were tryinig to kill us all! (OH NO!) George was also with us, and so was Ginny.
"Fred, let go of my arm! It's just making me trip over your feet," I said, attempting to pull my hand out of his grip. He gripped my wrist tighter and then George grabbed my other hand. Then Ginny grabbed George's other hand.
"Really _? You'll just slow down if we don't drag you!" George said.
"But I'm clumsy! I have a better chance of falling if you guys are-" I coulndn't finish my statement because I tripped over a tree root. Fred and George pulled me back up. "pulling me."
"We only have to make it back to the portkey," Ginny said. She sounded scared. I just hoped we could get out of here so they'll let go of me.

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