How I Became A StarKid

Yep, I'm changing the Intro.
I am myself in this. Like, my actual self. Not my fake persona, Liv. I am me.

Thanks, guys, for all of this. This makes me happy that you think that this is great. I never expected over 200 reads and more than 50 chapters on this silly thing. And certainly not over 1,000 comments.
Thank you so much.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Chapter 1

"but this is going to be TOTALLY AWESOME!"

I shoved the last shirt into my suitcase. I was finally going to Chicago in the morning!
'OHMYGOD! UMBRIDGE! Stop texting me!' My phone yelled from across the room. I smiled. It was a text from one of my best friends, Diane.
'Uhhh.. Check out StarKid's interview on YouTube. I think they're confused.' The text read. Uh-oh...
I pulled out my laptop and searched it in YouTube. I found it, uploaded an hour before. I clicked it and Brian Holden, Nick Lang, and Darren Criss filled the screen.
"Yeah, the Threequel will be done very soon, we're waiting on our Luna." Brian said.
"Luna? You mean Arielle Goldman?" The interviewer asked.
"No, Arielle didn't want to be Luna this time. We found a girl from Kansas named Geena Hughes. She'll be our Luna and live in Chicago with us. She's our new member." Darren answered.
"Joe Walker and Dylan met her at a ComiCon and they instantly found her Luna-like. They introduced us to her and, although young, she is incredibly talented. I'm positive our fans'll like her." Nick said. I paused the interview. They told me not to tell anyone!
'OHMYGOD! UMBRIDGE!--' I checked my phone. It was Nick.
'Heads up, we told the press..'
'Yeah, my friend found out. Do I confirm it?' I texted back and waited for the answer.
'Yeah, you leave in the morning, right?'
'Yes! I'll see you in Chicago!!! :)'
I called Diane.
"Hello?" She answered.
"Okay, so, uh, what would you say if I was going to, uh, play Luna Lovegood in A Very Potter Threequel?"
"Yes! Remember how we went to that ComiCon and you wanted to go over to the Batman stuff and we got seperated?! That's when I met StarKid!"
"I told you about Walker! He did the Umbridge voice and sang a couple of lines from 'Me and My D*ck'! Then I got JoMo's autograph for you?! It's hanging on your wall and it says 'That's absuuuuurd!'"
"I know, but the Luna part?!"
"I wasn't allowed yet! Nick just gave me the good to go."
"I know! But I get three free tickets for opening night, front row!"
"Am I one of them?!"
"You, Serena, and Hannah!"
"Did I mention, you three get to hang out with me and the cast after the show?"
"Geena, I love you. I knew we were friends for more than being awesome!"
"Totally awesome." Our conversation lasted a few minutes and we hung up. I got on Facebook. That was the best way to announce things, right? In my status bar, I typed:
'Well, I guess I should let everyone know, I'm an official StarKid. I'm playing Luna Lovegood in A Very Potter Threequel and leave for Chicago tomorrow morning! Love Kansas, but this is going to be TOTALLY AWESOME!'
I went to bed.

"Goodbye, Kansas! I won't miss you too much!" I muttered as we took off in the air. I picked up my bag to review, for the tenth time, the plan I had written down. When I got to the airport, Joey Richter, Lauren Lopez, Devin Lytle, Bonnie Gruesen, and Darren Criss would meet me and pick me up. We'd go to my apartment my mother rented for me and they'd help me unpack the stuff that had been shipped there already. After that, we would go to our rehearsal place and just hang out and eat pizza and get to know me.
I wouldn't be more nervous if I was expecting a call from Obama. I mean, they'd all know each other and have inside jokes, and I would be the new girl, not fitting in. Well, this was a theatre program, I'd be accepted, right?

I walked out of the airplane, knees shaking, with my purse and I checked my outfit for the millionth time. My pink sundress fell to my knees, the top was covered by a cute cardigan and I wore my gold ballet flats. I touched my curly hair, and wiped the corners of my eyes, knowing the eye liner had smudged.
That's when I saw my idols. Lauren was between Joey and Darren, holding a sign that said "STARKiD'S NEW LUNA LOVEGOOD!" I smiled and walked that way.
"Geena?" Bonnie guessed.
"Yes, that's me!" I smiled, very excited.
"Yay! Hold on! We have something for you!" Lauren shoved the sign towards Darren and rooted in her bag. Devin came up to us, holding a bottle of water.
"Oh, you must be Geena?" She smiled.
"You must be Devin. I absolutely love your southern accent!" I gushed.
"Aw, why, thank you, y'all!" She flipped her hair like Cho Chang does.
"Aha! Found it!" Lauren handed me a box. "We know you have a pink pair but..."
I pulled out a pair of StarKid sunglasses. They were the lime greenish-yellowish pair. I smiled like an idiot. "Oh my God, thank you so much!"
"They were my idea!" Joey smiled with his crooked jaw. He had his sweatband on. I smiled at his shirt. It said 'Finish the songs, Darren!' I recognized the idea from an interview I watched. He probably made that shirt.
"Nice shirt. I've seen the interview."
"Really? Cool! Yeah, I made one for Darren that said 'Stab me. I am Darren Criss.' He won't wear it."
"Why would I wear something promoting stabbing?! To myself, no less!" Darren exclaimed, throwing his hands up in defense.
"Gosh dammit, Darren, finish the songs!" Bonnie, Lauren, Devin, and Joey yelled at the same time.
I think I'll like being a StarKid...

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