Journey into the Unknown

Journey into the Unknown

Kaitlyn Harper had found out her sister, Meleanie, is suffering from Cancer in the pancreas. Have you ever seen that survival rate? As Meleanie's last wish, she hopes to meet a vampire. Kaitlyn, feeling she needs to do this for her younger sister, embarks on a journey into the unknown, to find one of these dark creatures. But like always, she gets more than she bargained for.
A Story by Samantha Bellamy.

Chapter 9

A Decision Made

Dear Diary,

I have decided that writing in this diary makes me emotional. It makes me feel more pain. In spite of recent events, I have decided to stop writing. For now, at least. Maybe as soon as I get my drive back, I can continue.

~Kaitlyn Harper

I was not the type of person to go into situations blind.

I knew that a man dressed in black- claiming to be a vampire- came to my sister, leaving me a note. A note that contained information including the fact that my Meleanie did not have cancer- but something 'worse', further mentioning the 'Ring of Fire'. Upon looking it up, I received an anonymous phone call- saying one word. Japan.

It was all so surreal. Unbelievable.

Logic claimed that there was no such thing as vampires. Logic claimed that I should forget about this and return to my daily life.

And watch my little sister die? Let my mother ruin my future?

I sighed, sitting alone in the almost deserted 24-hour cafe. It was nearing midnight, and I had vowed to myself I would make a decision by dawn.

Four coffees, a muffin, and three hours later, the start of my plan began to form in my mind.

It was early morning when I entered my house- the house I now though of as cold and unwelcoming.

Just like my mother, who happened to be awake and waiting for me.

Upon hearing my entry, she came to greet my presence in the doorway.

"Where have you been?" She hissed, giving me a dirty glare.

"Out and about," I replied, as if it was no big deal. "Hospital... Library... Cafe... The usual."

I didn't know it could even be possible- but her glare seemed to deepen.

She truly hated me.

"This behaviour is unaccepted in this household and will not be tolera-"

"Then I'm leaving." My calm controlled words cut her off, and the room went deadly quiet as my dear mother processed what I had said.

"Pardon me?"

"You heard me. I'm leaving."

My mother let out a cruel laugh. "And where do you suppose you will go? You don't have any frien-"

"You don't understand. I'm leaving. Leaving the country. I'm going to Japan."

* * * * *

It wasn't easy, but I had successfully gained enough money from my mother to fly to Japan. The way home, though, would be a different conflict.

I entered the hospital for the last time before my plane would take flight.

I didn't know when I would be back.

I had stayed up the whole previous night- dreading telling Meleanie what I was to do. Dreading the look in her eyes as the last person in her life left.

"Feeling better, Kaitlyn?" Nurse Phillips asked, glumly smiling.

I nodded, remembering the last time I had exited the hospital - running at top speed in pursuit of the man that had spoken to my sister. The man that had started this.

Entering Meleanie's hospital room, my eyes wandered around, trying to absorb every detail before resting on my sister.

"Meleanie," I cried, running to sit on the edge of her bed.

She had grown unbelievably feeble in the past two days, becoming more pale and more bony.

"Kaitlyn," she smiled, looking up at me.

That sad smile almost persuaded me to forget my plans of leaving, and stay here with my poor sister.

But I knew it was too late to turn back, and it broke my heart knowing I would do what I had to do.

"Mel," I started, using her preferred nickname, "I'm so sorry-"

She cut off my words with her grave voice, wiser than I had ever heard it before. "You're leaving. He told me - the guy that came. But he told me not to mention it until you told me yourself. Why are you leaving me?"

Her voice broke in the last sentence, tears pouring down her face.

I swallowed back my own tears. "I have to; he says it'll save you. and at this point, I'll do anything I can."

"Promise you'll come back to me," Meleanie cried. "Promise me that I'll see you again."

I let the tears stream down my face, my and touching Meleanie's. My dear sister.

"I promise."

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