Journey into the Unknown

Journey into the Unknown

Kaitlyn Harper had found out her sister, Meleanie, is suffering from Cancer in the pancreas. Have you ever seen that survival rate? As Meleanie's last wish, she hopes to meet a vampire. Kaitlyn, feeling she needs to do this for her younger sister, embarks on a journey into the unknown, to find one of these dark creatures. But like always, she gets more than she bargained for.
A Story by Samantha Bellamy.

Chapter 2

Dear Diary,

I feel so neglected. So out of place. Like I don't belong anymore. So I have officially decided something. Decided to not even try to fit in anymore. Instead of being the best I can be, I'll just be however I'm feeling. I'll be going in the wrong path, yet who will care? I certaintly don't. And I think that is because of my mother and her awful parenting. I just hope for one thing. Something that I will ever admit outloud. Here it is... I just hope my sister won't turn out like me.

~Kaitlyn Harper

I woke up to feel a prod at my leg, and opened one eye. Rachel was leaning over me, eye liner running down her face and her hair a mess.

"Party's over?" I grinned, getting into a standing position and holding the wall for support.

"Understatment. All parties are over. I don't know how I can keep this up," Rachel replied, also grinning ear to ear. But of course she was kidding. Rachel and I lived to party.

"Maybe my mother and sister will go out for once. Then I can hold it," I replied, but we both knew that wasnt going to happen. My mother lived to make me miserable, and wasn't going to give me the oppourtunity of a night at home without nagging, yelling, and/or cleaning.

That was why I barely ever was at home.

"My parents will be home soon. You'd better hop in the shower before you leave. You don't want your mom to see you like this," Rachel offered, and on any normal morning, I would have agreed and done it- it was the reason why I always kept a spare bottle of shampoo and soap in my purse.

But today. Today felt different.

After everything I had been through with my mother, I thought, she deserves to see what kind of daughter she has created.

"No thanks. I'll just take a shower at home," I replied, and Rachel gaped. I took a glance in the mirror, expecting the worse. And the worse is what I had gotten.

But of course, I lived to pull it off.

So when I took the bus home, all I got were admiring glances from men.

"Mother, I'm home," I chorused loudly as I entered room 226, hearing the clatter of breakfast being made. Usually I would take a run for it to my room, but as I said, today was different.

I double checked to make sure my sister wasn't around (I would never let her see me like this, since she didn't really have mother to look up to, I still had to set a good influence) and entered the kitchen, posing dramatically.

"What are you-"

When my dear mother saw me, she gasped. "What in the world!" she exclaimed, and I shrugged nonchalantly. "This is..." My mother seemed at loss for words. "This is... an outrage! You will not come into my home looking like this!" she was shouting louder than I had heard in a while, but her shouts didn't effect me anymore.

"Too late," I muttered, looking at her with a challenging expression on my face.

My mother raised her eyebrows, all traces of anger seemed to be gone. I couldn't tell what emotion was radiating off of her, but I knew it was sure strong.

And all of a sudden, she burst into tears.

I raised my eyebrows, slowly backing out of the room, but my mother didn't notice me anymore. Too caught up in the moment?

I quickly had a shower and got ready for the dayt. As I walked towards my bedroom, I found the smell off. And not in a good way. I followed the scent and found it led to my sister's room. I opened the door. Meleanie was sleeping and a bucket was beside her. As I inched forward I gasped. The large bucket was almost filled to the brim with vomit.

What kind of mother does this? Has a sick daughter and just leaves her alone with a bucket! This time I was the one to be in an outrage. It wasn't right; how my mom was treating us kids.

Something had to be done about this.

I carried the bucket out of the bedroom, struggling at it's heavy weight, and called Mrs. Bertha. My mother was holed up in her room without a care for the world, so it was time for me to take charge. I told Mrs. Bertha about the puke and she told me she would come take care of it, though obviously annoyed about it.

I then got the garbage bin and set it beside the bed, sitting in the chair beside Meleanie's bed and turning on a movie.

Half way through, she woke up, and I quickly came to her side.

"How are you feeling?" I asked, and as if on queue, she vomited into the garbage can. I gasped, holding back her hair and trying not to puke myself.

It was long and hard, but when she finished I replaced the garbage bag and gave her a glass of water.

"Do you want anything else?" I asked, and Meleanie looked at me, torture in her eyes.

"Take me to the hospital. Please."

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