GIRLS ONLY !!!!!!!(guys too)#2

so this story here
is very........uhmm......interesting it isnt lyk any other story
not bout love nor vampires or etc..........
JUST READ plz ^_^
ulll get a cookie if u do xD

Chapter 1

begining of a young childs life

by: _Angela
At the age of 5, this girl experienced many things in her life. She startted as any other kid having both parents n siblings. But parents faked everything, mom would always go out at night and dad would stay home watchin the kids. As a kid what did you think was right? but soon she turned 7 and watched her father leave for work one mornin......and never come back. Her mother simply said he was out on a bussiness trip. And her not being a stupid kid, knew something was wrong when his stuff disappeared and 26 yr old cousin and mommy were becoming a little more than friendly. She realized something was wrong from the beggining when she was 5 and saw her mother and her uncle making out on the couch. now she was a very uhm....protective to her mom. ya so she thought she wasnt enjoying it, so she ran into the closet and grabbed a bat n wacked her uncle till he ran out the apartment and left. she turned to her mother but she didnt react towards her pnly looked down as if in disapproval.........dats when............
comment and youll find out what happens next ^_^

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