A KH Drabble: Revenge

Don't know if you'd call this a drabble, since I don't really know what a drabble is, anyway. But, it's just purely random. Featuring my own OC, Zexion and Axel. There isn't really a summary for it XD Just read it and enjoy.

Chapter 1


by: DemDemxD




“Pretty please with sugar on top?”


I sighed over-dramatically and jumped off the couch. I stood in front of the blue-haired nobody, who held a large book in his hands.

I put my hands on my knees and leant towards him, “Please?”

He kept his blue eyes on the book and without looking at me said, “Fine.”

I jumped up straight and a grin crossed my face, “Really?”


The grin disappeared instantly and I slouched over. “Zexy,” I said in a whiny voice. “Why do you have to be so mean?” He ignored me and flipped a page of his book, continuing to read.

I bent down in front of him again, getting as close to his face as I could and pulled the book down from in front of his face. I gave him the puppy dog eyes and he sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Puh-leeeeeeeease, Zexy?”

“Why in the world do you want to do me to do that to him anyway?” I stood up once again.

“Why? Why? Look at what he did to me! Look at my hair!” I grabbed a large piece of my hair and held it out to the side so he could see it.

He studied it for a second, “It looks fine to me.”

“Fine? It’s red! Red!”

He looked at me for a moment, obviously deciding what to do. “Fine,” He sighed, giving up. “If it will get you to leave me alone.”

“Yes!” I jumped up and punched my fist up into the air. “He is so going to pay.”

I grabbed Zexions’ wrist and yanked him up onto his feet and tried to stop myself from jumping with excitement.

“Lets go Zexy!”

I linked my arm with his, much to his dismay, and practically skipped down to the Grey Room- with a huge smile on my face.

Along the way, I told Zexion what I wanted him to do and he agreed to do it.

Once we’d reached the Grey Room, I spotted Axel sitting on one of the grey couches, talking to Xigbar and Roxas.

We began walking towards him and he spotted me before I’d reached him. A smirk grew on his face, “Did you do something with your hair? It’s looking awfully red today.”

I gave him a sly smile, “Now, Zexion.”

Axel gave Zexion a questioning glance.

"My apologies, Axel."

After that, I’m pretty sure Axel's screams were heard all throughout the castle.


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