Still Have My Heart (A Horror/Slasher Story)

Kasey has been in love with Carter since he kissed her under the slide in second grade. It's now their freshman year of high school, and Kasey is determined to make Carter hers. When people start to mysteriously die in the most gruesome ways, can Kasey prove her innocence? Or is a hidden evil inside of her beginning to shine through?

Chapter 1

Double Vision

by: ILovePuck
I've been in love with Carter Hall since second grade. I knew I loved him the moment his lips touched mine under the slide on a sunny day in May. Back then, his hair was a natural sandy brown, instead of the golden blonde it is today. I thought that we would be together forever, until Valerie moved here. But now, it's our freshman year at high school, I'm determined to make him mine again.

I pulled up to Valerie Rodriguez's house, she was of course the richest person at our school, or at least she flaunted it the most. The driveway was packed, so I was forced to park on the other side of the road. Music blasted and lights flashed from the inside, but the after game party was just getting started. Just two hours before, Carter made the impossible shot during the last 5 seconds of the game, that gave our team the 2 points that needed to win. Valerie's house had a big, green front yard, that was now flooded with beer bottles and empty silly string containers. The house was mostly made of dark crimson brick, but it had four tall, ivory pillars by the front glass door. I walked across the dewy grass, up the steps, and into the raging party.

Valerie was greeting people at the door, and the only reason I despise her is because of Carter. Valerie had long, chocolate brown hair that was straight until it loosely curled at the ends, she also had round, baby blue eyes, with small specks of green in them, which perfectly complemented her fair complexion. She was...good. Too good, I've never seen her cry, or get frustrated, or even the slightest bit upset. And it annoyed me, that she was never, ever, vulnerable. "Katie, right?" I snapped out of my daydream, Valerie stood there waiting for me to answer.
"Kasey, actually. We have three classes together." I told her back, shoving my hands in my jacket pockets. She simply smiled innocently, and batted her lashes.
"I'm sorry, I'm horrible with names. I've never really seen you much." She went on.
"I sit next to you in two of those classes." I raised my eyebrow, but still kept my smile. She stood there shocked, then just walked away. I laughed, that was the vulnerability I was asking for. Across the hall, I saw Daniel, my best friend. I walked over to him, once he saw me he flashed his killer smile. Daniel had black, wavy hair, a perfectly chiseled chin and shiny green eyes. I had to admit, he was gorgeous, but he was only a friend. "Hey you." I said smiling, he pulled me in for a big bear hug, and greeted me with a 'There's my little blondie!' Which always makes me laugh, because I'm possibly the only natural blonde in the school.

After about an hour of dancing, talking, and drinking, I felt chills. The kind of chills that you get when watching a scary movie and the murderer is about to pop out from behind the corner. Or when it's below freezing outside and you decide to wear shorts and a tank. Those chills. I tried to tell Daniel, but it all came out as a slur. He laughed it off, "I'm going to go get you some Advil or some shit." He turned and stumbled toward the kitchen. I tried to follow him but my legs were like limp noodles, and just like that he was out of sight. I waited for a few seconds for him to return, but a loud thump rattled the halls followed by a ear splitting scream. My legs got a jolt of adrenaline, and I followed the scream to the balcony that overlooked the front room. I was on the second floor, but on the first floor, was a body. Brown hair covered the face, and people were already swarming around her. But I knew who it was. Valerie. And she wasn't moving.

New Story!:) It's 2:17AM here, and I really like this story, but it won't be very long, maybe only a few chapters. Tell me if you like it!

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