Fullmetal meets Earth ~An Edward Elric LS -FMA-~

Ok, i typed in Edward Elric in the search engine and nothing! [for stories at least] So im making something. Info down thur! \/-\/-\/-\/-\/-\/-\/-\/-\/-\/-\/-\/-\/-\/-\/
Ross Ann "Earth" Benatale
Breaks record for youngest State Alchemist
A year younger than Ed, so imma say 14 cuz i can
Long brown hair with an orange streak on the left side
Green eyes
Dad was a SA, Mom unknown
Dad died in the Ishbal Massacre

Chapter 1

Becoming a SA

I smirked at my competition. "This is gonna be too easy." Although they had more experience, both my mother and father were State Alchemists, and they had taught me everything i knew. Dont get cocky Ross.
BTW, an authors note before we continue. Her name is pronounced Roz Ann. She prefers being called Ross and she keeps her hair in a hat, people think she is a guy and she gets offended by that, but is too calm to do anything. Ok, that is all.

It was almost my turn. There was a huge tower of metal in front of me, the creator standing under it, proud. Another before me had made a disco ball of feathers.
Im sorry again, but imma just say this. It is MY story, if i want it to have a disco ball, it'll have a damn disco ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all...... for now.

It was bobbing around in the air, not quite ready to pop. It got too close to the building, and i had a bad feeling. I had an alchemy circle drawn on my wrist, so i could operate without having to draw. I ran over to the creator of the tower. "Sir, i think you should leave." "Why should i, little boy." I closed my fists and eyyes, bottling up my anger. "Im a girl." "Well, shouldnt a ten year old girl be at home helping with dinner?" Thats it. "Im fourteen you stupid imbecile! And if you dont move something bad is going to happen!" "Really?" He crossed his arms. "Like what?" Then the disco ball hit the tower.
"That." I pointed to the tower that was tettering towards us. He ran off and i rubbed my hands together. "Time to show my stuff." I hit the ground with my fist and a big column of earth shot up out of the ground and stopped the building. Then another went up and stabilized the other side. Another shot up and knocked the disco ball to the ground, so it wouldnt harm anything else. I turned to the crowd to seek out the tower man. I found him and pulled his shirt down so he was at my eye level.
"You see what almost happened?" I pointed to the tower. He nodded. "If i hadnt come in to save you, you would be dead right now. So i guess a fourteen year old girl is better than you, huh?" I let him go and walked out. No seeing if i got the job, i was frustrated. I took my green hat off and shook my hair. I heard a whistle from the shadows and looked over.
"Who are you?" "You look pretty good, for a ten year old." I glared at the shadows. "Im fourteen dumbo." "Really?" "Not my fault both of my parents were short." I crossed my arms. "So, you were cursed with height problems too, huh?" I squinted at the shadows. "Who are you?" Then he stepped out. "Hey! I've seen you before. In Aquroya." "Ah, so you've heard of me." "Yeah, you're not as short as they-" "Who you callin' so small you'd need a microscope to see him-" I put a finger over his lips and rolled my eyes. "I didnt say that. I said you werent that height."
He stopped flailing his arms and looked down at me. "What?" "Hey, compared to me, you're tall." I heard my grandmothers car horn beep and i looked at her beat up old car. "Well, i have to get going. See you Edward Elric!" I waved and got into my grans car. As we drove off, i could hear him scream after me. "Wait, i didnt even tell you my name! How did you know?" I just shook my head.
"Is that the boy who turned the Siren in?" Gran and i used to live in Aquroya. I nodded. Gran smiled. "He seems a bit......." "Spastic." She nodded. "Well, how'd it go?" I shrugged. "I'll know the results soon enough. I stormed out before i could be told." She sighed, still keeping her eyes on the road. "What happened this time?" "Some old geezer called me a ten year old boy." "If you didnt wear your hair like that, maybe people wouldnt think you were a boy." I smiled. "But- It reminds me of dad." I turned to gran. "When will you tell me who my mom was?" "All in due time, missy. For now, lets just get to-"
Then we crashed. I shouldnt have lived, but i ended up waking up in a hospital room. I sat up with a start, but ended up lying back down from blurred vision. "Please, just stay lying down, miss." "No." I sat up again, after the blurriness dissappeared. "Where is my gran?" The nurse bit the bottom of her lip. "Well...." My eyes went wide. "No..... No!" "Honestly miss, im surprised that you even survived, but your grandmother, she had so many problems. Im surprised she wasnt gone already." "But-but she cant be dead- Im nothing without her. She was my only family. She took care of me. Gran... No!" My eyes started welling up with tears.
She glanced at the door, then back at me. "Oh, and i almost forgot, miss. You have some visitors." "Cant it wait?" She shook her head. "They said it was urgent." "Fine. Let them in." Then a man in a blue uniform walked in. "Im deeply sorry for your loss Miss Benatale." He bowed slightly. "But i am pleased to inform you that you have qualified for State Alchemist." He gave me the watch and left. I looked at it for a second. Then i whispered. "I did it gran. I did it. I became a state alchemist." I closed my fist around it. "But i lost you in the process." I threw it across the room as soon as the nurse left.

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