a story

a story

yer a story i made up..

Chapter 1


Why do people stare when you walk in the room? Why d you sit alone around hundreds of people? Why is life so hard because it’s meant to be simple, you wish you could die just to be with you friends in heaven. Why did you survive the car crash? Why did your friends die…..? These are the questions going though your head as you slash your wrist as you cry…… why can’t life be simple because it like living in hell, when your heart dies it grows back all twisted and all wrong, your heart just wants to die. As I cut my hair I think why am I standing here today, with my heart pumping and my lungs breathing. Why aren’t I in heaven partying with my mates?
Living is like burning in fire everyday, I can’t stand it. As I grab the knife and put it up against my heart I take my last breath and………………… I see my friends they’re glowing like gold; they’re smiling like never before. As god held my hand he took my in to heaven.


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