Confessions of Love a George Weasley love story-Part 5

We WILL get to the purple hair. Lol. :D

Chapter 1


We looked to the front of the room. And standing there was....Percy??? "What do you three think you are doing?" he said crossing his arms. "The real question is, why are you sneaking into Snapes office when you should b in class?" George said. mimicking Percy. "Actually, im not 'sneaking in'. Snape asked me to check on you, since you skipped class. He doesnt want u finding a way out of it." Percy said. "I thought Snape hated your guts too?" Said Fred. "Stop trying to change the subject. I must go find Snape and tell him about this." Percy started to walk out of the room. "Tell on us? Ickle Percy gunna go tell on us?" George said jumping up from his chair. "I guess you could say that." Percy said taking a few more steps. Me, Fred, and George burst out laughing. "What are you 'telling on us' for?" "That show of affectoin!" Percy seemed like he was really getting mad at George. "Snape said not to talk. He said nothing about 'showing affection'." George was right. Percy didnt even say anything, but he stormed out of the room. "Way to go George!" Fred said. giving him a high-five. "That was pretty funny." I said. I gave George a hug. I guess this meant we were dating, because of what all happened. I was actually really glad. This made it alot easier. Snape walked into the room and scolded us for about 3 hours. Soon enough, he had to let us out to go to the Great Hall for dinner. Me and George took a seat beside Kat and Ron.


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