What If? Part 9 {Scorpius Malfoy and Lily Potter}

Thanks to every one that's been commenting. :) I'll try to add more classes in now that they're heading into third year. I greatly appreciate comments or ideas.

Chapter 1

Little Albus and Aleksander

by: BakaGreen
At Kings Cross; End of Year

"You better owl me!" Ronnie said. Lily reluctantly hurried through her goodbyes with her friends. She knew her mum had just had the baby and was at St. Mungo's; they were supposed to take her home with the baby today.

"Of course I will, but it works both ways," she said with a smirk. Ronnie waved goodbye before heading over to her mom who was patiently tapping her foot muttering something about muggles. "Score, you better come over this summer," he rolled his eyes and looked nervously around for his father.

"I'll try; I don't know if I can," he said slowly. She rolled her eyes.

"You came for Christmas,"

"I just said I went to a friend's. I never said which one," Before he had time to react she gave him a quick hug.

"Lily," her dad shouted, her shoulders slumped as she reached for her best's friends hand and gave it a squeeze.

"At least owl me," he looked into her bright blue eyes and couldn't help but say, "Of course," the two friends went their seperate ways; both secretly wishing they didn't have to be apart.

He was perfect. Albus Sirius Potter was his name. He had a tuft of dark red brown hair with Harry's bright green eyes. Ginny kissed his head as Harry, James and Lily walked in. "Can I hold him?" Lily asked eagerly. Harry laughed and told her to sit in the chair beside the bed.

Harry took little Albus from his mum's arms and placed him into his sisters. "Hello, Albus my name is Lily," she cooed and looked at him. "He has your eyes dad!" she exclaimed. He raised a little fist and gurgled. Harry chuckled and sat next to Ginny holding her hand. "You want to hold him James?" he looked put off, but nodded eagerly as he walked over.

Ginny and Harry watched in humor as she instructed him how to hold his arms. She gave him to James, then got up. "He's perfect mum," Lily said sitting on the edge of the bed. Ginny smiled and touched her daughter's hair.

"I know, I know," that moment was perfect. There was no Hogwarts, no stress, no rude comments coming from relatives. It was just them and little Albus.

"Mum, I don't want wear a skirt..." Lily groaned. It was nearly a month later and she was sitting in her room calling to her mum. She had been in her room all day, it was an unusually cloudy day so she spent it owling her friends.

Ginny walked into her daughters room hands on hips. "Lily can you keep your voice down, I just put Albus down and Viktor and his wife are going to be here any minute," Lily rolled her eyes and looked at her mum. It wasn't worth arguing with her. Tonight one of dad's friends from school and his family were coming over. Her mother had requested they dressed nicer.

"Fine, I'll be down in a minute," she looked around her room. It was a pigsty. Both her and James rooms were smaller, but cozy. Lily's was a mess currently. It was this way because she hadn't bothered to put anything away when she got back from Hogwarts.

She looked down at the letter she was writing Scorpius. She had gotton as far as the greeting. She sighed as she put away her quill and began looking though the disaster area. She finally pulled out a loose green skirt and plain white shirt. She completed the look with silver flats. "Lily," she heard her dad call.

Frowning at her loose red locks she grabbed a silver ribbon and tied her hair back as she went down the stairs. She saw everyone gathered in the living room. Her dad was talking to a large looking man and her mum was laughing at something a pretty woman with black hair said.

Lily, however, let her eyes remain on the person talking to her brother. He was about her age and a younger looking replica of the man. "Nice for you to join us Lily Luna," James said sarcastically. Her dad gave her a smile and her mum sent a warning look towards James. "So busy owling your boyfriend?" he asked casually. She was thirteen and would never date Scorpius; he was her best friend. Besides now was not the time nor the place to bring it up. And it was certainly last thing she needed now, in front of strangers.

"Hello, I'm Aleksander," the boys said sticking out a hand, obviously sensing the tension.

"Lily and please don't hold anything against me my brother told you," he chuckled and James glared at her. Probably bitter about her outfit choice. Contrary to popular belief she hadn't purposly chosen this outfit. It was meerly the first matching clean thing she pulled.

James lookeded her up and down and rested on her hands. She had forgotton all about her nails. They were bright green with a silver LP on each finger. Ronnie had sent her special nailpolish that was enchanted so it would go an purposely. Much better than the muggle stuff she bought that always chipped.

Lily clenched her hands into fists. "Let's eat," her mum called.

It was almost an hour later when everyone was sitting at the table chatting after dinner. Aleksander had spent nearly the whole time trying to figure out the mystery of Lily Potter. James was telling him an entertaining story about how his cousin was always snogging and another cousin decided to take matters into his own hands. James had told him several stories about Hogwarts, but Lily wasn't in that many. Perhaps she was in a different house...His father was telling him about Hogwarts.

"James your in Gryffindor; do you play Seeker on the house team like your father?" asked Viktor.

"Of course," James said with a smirk. Lily rolled her eyes.

"Lily do you play on the Gryffindor team," Krum asked. She looked him straight in the eye and said,


"So Harry is she like Hermy-Own-Ninny? A little book worm," At that Lily burst into laughter at being compared to Aunt 'Mione. Aunt Mione was brilliant and Lily couldn't even brew a simple potion.

"No, she certainly takes after her father," Ginny said looking at her daughter.

"Is there a joke, I'm missing?" Viktor asked looking at the red head. Her dad gave her a look to explain.

"I'm not in Gryffindor, I'm in Slytherin. I play on their team as Keeper," she said. Nikolina, Viktor's wife smiled a knowing smile. Obviously she knew a little more than her husband.

To get the attention off herself she turned to Aleksander. "Do you play Quidditch?" she asked.

"Of course, I'm a Beater," at that she wrinkled her nose. Lily had learned to despise beaters after taking so many hits from the bludgers. "What's the matter?" he asked looking at her curious expression she shook her head. James started laughing and Lily shoot him an evil glare. "Am I missing something?"

"Lily and the Bludgers don't have the best relationship," he said with a chuckle. Aleksander furrowed his eyesbrows trying to figure out his meaning. "She's probably the only Keeper that managed to get a concussion and a broken arm in one game,"

"It's your stupid Beater's fault! He keeps aiming at me like I'm sort of target." she said slumping in your seat. "And then Wood keeps on saying it's not a foul!" she shouts.

"That's enough!" Harry says looking at the twins. "Number one topic of avoidance in this house: Quidditch," he says looking at Viktor and Nikolina who smile. Everyone talks some more avoiding questions about Quidditch.

"Lily what are your favorite classes?" Aleksander asks finally noticing she's become bored and James has started talking with Harry.

"Charms," she said blushing. Harry looked at his daughter. Her wand was willow 10 1/4 inches with unicorn hair center. It was swishy and good for charms, like his mothers was. "I'm taking arthimancy next year and Aunt 'Mione said it was her favorite class," she added on. "What's yours; DADA?"

"I like that, but I'm really good at potions," her eyes got big and James laughed. "Can you let me in on the joke?"

"If Lily's best friend wasn't the best in the year at potions she would flunk," James said.

"Like you have any room to talk," she said and then attempted to imitate James, "Is it supposed to turn pink?"

"Come on I'm not as bad as you if..."

"If you actually wore glasses you might be able to see the ingrediants," she said sticking out her tongue before her parents split up the fight between them. Ginny was exasperated having to have dealt with this constantly during her childhood; while Harry was slightly amused.

"We should leave," Nikolina said.

"Yeah, we have to get up early," Viktor said the all followed them to the fireplace where they would floo. Lily stopped Aleksander before he went,

"It was nice to meet you," she said.

"Likewise, maybe we'll see each other again," he said before leaving. Lily smiled at him as James rolled his eyes in disgust.


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