Blood is Tempting and Love leads to Death

this is a vampire love story.
I'm more of a werewolf person but w.e
1. this is not like twilight. I will not use any of the rules that apply to that movie
2. I'm making up my own vamp rules so just go along with it.
3. It will be dirty because that just how i do things.
4. I might have to use a different picture from the guy as i continue my series =[

Chapter 8


"ok..explain. Like what is this thing on my arm" you scratched at it.
"Some humans that kiss a vampire die....but most...well..a lot...don't"
"I'm lost"
"Well, it's like they get stuck in this in between state. They're not vampires but they're not humans. They're strong...unbeatable...dangerous"
You didn't say anything.
"Well these powerful creatures - powerful in the vampire world, unheard of to humans- They call themselves the Plague"
You sat down on the bed. It just felt like something you couldn't take standing up.
"The reason, for the most part, dating a human is forbidden is because members of the plague go out looking for the Phoenixes created and control them, using them to harm others -"
"A Phoenix is what you'll become....hopefully.
"Well why doesn't anyone stop them"
"Members of the plage play on a Phoenix's natural desires, which is mostly power"
"So what makes a Phoenix so special"
"Well..besides the super speed and the super strength a Phoenix has other special abilities"
"LIKE!!! come on just tell me already"
"Like they don't need to drink blood to survive, the sun doesn't effect all, and they have...powers, things like mind reading. And I swear if you reference that damn Twilight book I will break a window"
"So you're afraid one of the Plague people are going to come and try to make me join their cult or whatever"
"No..The Plagues are dangerous...and their jerks. But still Phoenixes are forbidden..end of story"
"Mmm like wearing sweatpants on Monday"
"__ this is serious!"
"Ok, ok I'm sorry"
"The ancient kings kill Phoenixes.They took out a good percentage of The Plague"
"So they're just going to kill me...that's it"
"Or they take you to the House of Fire"
"Well why can't I go's sounds a lot better than dying"
He paused for a long time "Because I don't want you to go...and they only offer the House of Fire to a few Phoenixes. They'll most likely kill you if they find out what you are"
"So what do we do now" you said taking a deep breath.
"We wait...and lay low"
"Ok so I still don't get what this thing on my arm is" you showed him your wrist.
"It's my name" he lifted up his sleeve "And this is yours"
Your hands were suddenly cold "Mark?"
"It's like a special bond between vampire mates. It allows them to be connected to eachother. It's really best explained through personal experience"
"You can't see it very well" you said looking at i closely.
"That's because you aren't really marked. would would be better if I marked you..because it's safer"
"How is it safer? How would you mark me? Am I dying or not"
"I hope you're not dying. I hope you'll be a wonderful Phoenix"
You looked down.
"You just have to trust me"
"How is a person marked?" you mumbled.
"Well..a vampire marks a Phoenix by drinking their blood and vampires mark eachother by ritual"
"So how does a vampire mark a human"
"You just have to trust me" he repeated.
"How will I know if I'm dying instead of turning into a Phoenix? Why do some people die and some people don't?"
"Some people react differently to the mark that forms when they're kissed. But seeing how you're not crying in pain it's assumed you're not dying"
"But I'm so cold"
He sat next to you and wrapped you in a blanket, "I promise I'll keep you safe" He kissed you softly and ran his fingers through your hair. "I can't wait to taste you" He pushed back your hair and sucked on your neck. You loved the way his hair rain.
"Peter.." you breathed.
He pushed you gently on the bed and got on top of you. "I hope your heater is on" he said as he unlooped his belt.

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