Blood is Tempting and Love leads to Death

this is a vampire love story.
I'm more of a werewolf person but w.e
1. this is not like twilight. I will not use any of the rules that apply to that movie
2. I'm making up my own vamp rules so just go along with it.
3. It will be dirty because that just how i do things.
4. I might have to use a different picture from the guy as i continue my series =[

Chapter 3


I could see his eyes were ice blue again
"You could have hurt her you know"
"It would solve a lot of problems" he was growling. he looked insane. Why is that he always had a harder time controlling himself than I?
"Brian, you aren't thinking straight. Go feast or whatever" Unfortunately a deer had just passed by. he reached for and bit it like it was nothing. he then tossed it aside easily.
"We're going to have to move again"
"I'm sorry"
"This girl is going to ruin everything!"
"What exactly do we have here?"
"We told you when you became one of us that mortals are a big no no"
"I didn't ask to be one of you"
"I've lived 107 years and never have I seen a vampire with a human and do you know why?"
"shut up"
"Because they don't live long enough! You will break her! You will ruin us. They will come for us if she survives Peter you know that!"
"What I know is I don't want to spend eternity unhappy. They are coming. I will fight.
"They're already here. We need to leave"
"I came here to warn you. Someone tipped them off. They're coming"
"how do they know"
"They don't"
"So you guys are just going to leave"
"We want you to come with! Forget about her she's not worth your life"
"She is my life!"
"We're family"
"Then you should stay! Protect your family"
"You always were strange"
"I have to go. If they're coming..she's not safe"
Was I dreaming that I was significant in their lives.

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