Blood is Tempting and Love leads to Death

this is a vampire love story.
I'm more of a werewolf person but w.e
1. this is not like twilight. I will not use any of the rules that apply to that movie
2. I'm making up my own vamp rules so just go along with it.
3. It will be dirty because that just how i do things.
4. I might have to use a different picture from the guy as i continue my series =[

Chapter 2


Dear Diary, I always thought it was cliche to write in a diary, but lately I find myself needing to write a lot.
You looked out your window. You don't know what you were hoping to see. Yes you do. You were hoping to see Peter. You were hoping he would walk you home like he said. But he vanished mysteriously. In fact, that was weeks ago. he'd been gone for awhile. Peter never spoke to anyone really. You were so surprised when he spoke to you. You were even more surprised that you wanted to speak to him. Of course people tried to talk to Peter, but he sent a bad message to people. his face always read "danger," "restraint," and "suspicion" But not to you. It could be because you were crazy. But you believed it was because you saw the truth. The crazy thing was, you thought you could hear him sometimes. In your dreams you would see his dazzling smile and then it would quickly vanish as his pained and annoyed face reappeared. All you thought about since that day was what you could have done to make his leave. You got up from your desk chair and walked out of your house, which was conveniently across the street from the forest. Peter kind of smelled like the forest. You pushed passed the leaves to see people were already there. You hid quickly and listened
"Why would you do this!"
"You don't exactly choose to fall in love"
"This is dangerous! Even for you!"
"She's like what 115 pounds!? how dangerous can she be"
"If you do this to our family-"
"You'll what! Punish me for being happy"
"Peter, we will have to leave. because of you and her"
"I'm sorry. I do not wish to argue or inflict harm to your family."
"We'll have to come up with a damn good story"
"Why does it matter? You are the ones who will be leaving"
"You are my son and I will always take care of you."
"Then give it time. At least let me talk to her before you decide to desert me"
"I think you'll know how much time you have. You know when the clock will start ticking. I have to go"
Peter's dad walked coolly out of the meadow and into the forest.
"You can come out" peter said through his teeth. You gasped in surprise. You edged out of the trees.
"Spying on me now?" he growled not even looking at you, but in the direction his father had left.
"I-uh. Technically I spend more time here so this is my spot. And you're like..intruding."
he sat down on a log still looking in the same direction. "I don't care"
You walked over to him. Ok then. I guess I'll have to sit here with you"
You sat on the ground across from the log he was sitting on and pulled out a copy of Twilight.
he scoffed. "Twilight?"
"I'm sorry I left my cliched romantic books at home. Would you rather me be reading Romeo and Juliet"
he slid off the log and looked at you. his eyes were piercing. only inches away from you he said in a a dark voice "but you'd think in a quiet forest you would read something a little better. Like Frankenstein" he smelled like rain he shook his hair and it smelled of berries.
"I've read Frankenstein 10 times" you said turning the page pretending to be nonchalant.
"You-you have" he said sounding shocked. "And you understood the theme"
"Of course I did. It has many themes though" you said still pretending to read your book.
he leaned his head in closer to you. "Why waste brain cells on Twilight though"
you shrugged "honestly I like to read it to point out it's flaws. have you read it" you turned the page.
"Yes, and I still don't see the point"
you shrugged again.
"I don't think you're saying what you're thinking"
you scoffed, "What, are you a mind reader now"
he glanced at the book. "hilarious" he said under his breath
"I was thinking that you smelled good and if I looked in your eyes I might not look away"
you looked up he was leaned in close to your face like he was about to kiss you. you closed you eyes. "I have to go" he said quickly. You opened your eyes but he was gone.
Tuesday, Feb. 14
Dear Diary, things are about to get strange
You'd been staring at him all day but not once had he looked back. his eyes were ice blue. They made him look intimidating. It's not like he spoke to anyone anyway but still. he seemed to repel the students. he was sitting down with his siblings. You were trying to be secretive about watching him, you were trying to read his lips to see what they were saying. he seemed to be arguing with his two brothers while his sister looked out the window uninterested. he growled something then stood up and walked out. people looked in his direction then resumed to what they were doing. "I must be crazy" you thought, because you soon followed after him. You walked deeper and deeper into the trees and stopped. You heard a monstrous growl you peaked behind a large tree leaf. It was Peter. he plunged his teeth into a deer. It screeched. no blood spilled from the deer. he..he was drinking the blood. when he was finished he looked up his teeth were sharp. You hadn't realized-until this moment- that you were frozen still in fear.
"Who's there" he growled.
You ran as quickly as you could. I he was a v-vampire then he would be in front of you in 5 seconds flat. you heard trees being pushed violently out of the way. twigs were snappy beneath is feet. he was walking. you broke out of the forest and ran to the parking lot. You opened your car door and ducked down. Peter walked out of the forest with ease. he was clean; he didn't even look like he had just demolished a dear. Crazy enough his eyes returned to his normal color: chocolate brown. he walked back into the school calmly, but you weren't going back to class. You drove home. You turned on your lap top and sat in your bed. "he's pale white and drinks blood from deers. he has to be a vampire..or he's in a cult. There are no such things as vampires. he'll think I'm crazy for asking. I bet he's cold. but he comes out in the day and vampires die or sparkle or something. right? but it's usually cloudy here would make sense. no human can be that fast. no human has super sharp teeth." before you knew it, it was dark and you were still drowning away in your thoughts. "he moved here last year though. Where else would he have been?" When you came to the school you were the topic of conversation. Peter acted like you were a nuisance. You rationalized that at one point peter and his family were also the topic of conversation, but after a month or so of them not socializing with anyone they moved on with their lives and awaited a new student. "But somebody had to know about what they were. Somebody could have guessed. Maybe they didn't want to know that- that the evans are"
"vampires" you breathed out loud.
"So it WAS you that saw me in the forest" Peter stepped out of the dark corner. "I gotta say that's the second time you've been spying on me. I might start to think you like me"
"h-h-how did you get into my house. This is a two story house"
he sat down on your bed. his scent was intoxicating, but you wouldn't look at him. You stared straight ahead. "Does it matter how I got in"
"What are you going to do with me" you breathed
"Whatever I want" he pushed back your hair, his lips were so close to your neck. But then he disappeared. "Tell me about yourself." he said suddenly. he was lying on your pillows with his hands behind his head.
"Are you going to kill me?" you said
"Yes and no" he whispered.
"Are you a vampire" without thinking you reached for his arms they were ice cold. You got off your bed and ran. You ran to the meadow. But why are you running? If he wanted to hurt you he would've done it. Right? he was right behind you as you were walking through the trees.
"You know you really shouldn't be in the forest as much as you are. All sorts of.....creatures hang out here" when you ignored him he continued. "Vampires aren't really supposed to fall in love with mortals. In most cases the family disowns the...mortal lover."
You turned around. "Your family doesn't like me?"
"It's not that simple. We have a secret to keep"
"So you don't trust me. Nobody would believe me anyway"
"It's not like that. Look, I can't explain it to you..yet. Just know it's forbidden. Obviously"
You continued through the trees. "If it's forbidden, why are you here?"
"Because I'm stupid and selfish"
"What am i in danger" you said sarcastically.
"Yes. Every moment you're with me"
"What if I told you..I really don't care"
"I would ask you if you were ready to die"
your heart stopped. you entered the meadow. The fact that it was night seemed to make it scarier. That and there was also a vampire behind you.
"What do you mean"
"Unfortunately, for you, I've chosen you to love."
"So what, you afraid that your vampire strength will crush me"
"No it's deeper than that"
you sat down on the grass.
"I drink blood"
"Yeah animal blood"
"human blood too. I used to kill. a lot. I wouldn't stop. Though I'm safe enough not to kill you now. But that doesn't matter. I live in sin"
"I don't get it"
"Vampires have to drink human blood twice a month"
"And..W-where do you get the blood" he's going to kill me! you screamed inside your head.
"Emergency rooms. Blood donors and that sort of thing"
"Do you still..kill people"
"I've thought about it. but no, I don't"
"how could you just decide you love me"
he sighed. "You read (scoff) 1930's american literature. You can carry on a conversation. You were the first laugh I've heard in a long time. You smell like the candy i used to eat know..I could eat. I would admire you in class. Though all those things are the reason I partially hated you." he laughed. "Who is this mortal to make me fall in love? Why is she so different"
"Oh" you said breath taken. " how old are you"
he sneered. "I turned 18 in September"
"I mean how old are you really"
"I lived in Italy. On my 17th birthday my parents and I were driving to a restaurant to celebrate. We slid off the road and they were killed instantly. Alonzo saved me. This was just a year ago. I really am 18"
"I'm sorry"
"It's me that should be apologizing. I am selfish. I want to take you, but it's wrong and I knew that"
"You want to take me? Do it. You were going to earlier, but you changed your mind"
"You don't know what you'd be getting yourself into"
You leaned in forward inches away from his face
"Don't kiss me" he breathed.
You got up quickly embarrassed and sped off. he ran after you
"I didn't mean it like that. We just can't" you turned away but he grabbed your arm.
"Ow!" he released you quickly
"That's partially why we can't! Just trust me! ...We have to wait"
You heard growling "Shet" he said under his breath
he picked you up and he started running. You were getting dizzy it was dark so you couldn't see anything but you could feel the trees quickly brush you and the next moment you were standing in front of your house. "Go inside. Do not come back into the forest" he vanished quickly
Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead

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