Blood is Tempting and Love leads to Death

this is a vampire love story.
I'm more of a werewolf person but w.e
1. this is not like twilight. I will not use any of the rules that apply to that movie
2. I'm making up my own vamp rules so just go along with it.
3. It will be dirty because that just how i do things.
4. I might have to use a different picture from the guy as i continue my series =[

Chapter 1


"bite me. All you have to do is bite me"
"Why would I bite you? Why would you want that"
"So I can be like you. So i can live and breathe like you!"
"Why would I damage you like that! Why would I ruin you?! Don't you understand-"
"I understand that my time is up anyway! Would you rather me die! You want me dead. Its better to watch the one you love die than have her be like you"
"You're dead either way. At least this way we both wont be trapped in hell"
You picked up a large butcher knife. "Ok then. I'll do it. You don't want me to live. You want me to die. It doesn't matter how you watch me die if you're going to do it anyway"
"Why. So i can slowly die? So you can watch? You're not going to save me"
"I want to. I am saving you! I love you"
"If you loved me you'd want to be with me forever. Peter, bite me"
It was silent. he did not speak. he just stared.
"Don't let me die"
he flinched.
"I'm sorry" he whispered. You could feel his breath on your neck. his lips were soft against your throat. You almost enjoyed it until he bit down.

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