How Did This Happen? (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

How Did This Happen? (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Okay so this is my first story about Draco Malfoy! Let me know what you think!! (:

Chapter 2

Study Session With Pugface

by: GracieRae
"Blair! Blair! You need to see this!" My best friend Selene calls to me while she is running down the aisle to the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall. This can't be good because she only calls me by my full name if it's something bad.
"What is it S?!" I ask her.
"B, it's something you need to see to believe" She tells me. She grabs me from my table and starts running out of the Great Hall. She looks behind me to make sure she is not being followed, then she starts leading me toward the Slytherin common room.
"Ummm S...why are we here" I question.
"Just wait'll see..." She says sorrowfully. Umm okay this is weird, but I figured I should just go along with it and see where it leads me. She says the password and then i'm blinded by green and silver, although i'm used to it by now. I walk in and gasp. There, on the couch, is my boyfriend Blaise Zabini snogging none other than Pansy Parkinson! I look over at Selene and she is wearing a face of rage...probably at Pansy. But me, i'm not really fazed by the scene before me. I mean, yeah I like him and all but I kind of knew our relationship wasn't going to last. Instead of screaming at them, I walk over the Blaise and tap him on the shoulder. He just shoos me away. Getting annoyed, I tap him again.
"What do you want?! Can't you see i'm a little busy!" He hisses. Ha!
"Yeah Blaise I can see that. Why don't you stop biting off Pansy's tongue and talk to your ex-girlfriend for a bit. Kay sugar?" I say as sweetly as I can.
"'s not what it looks like..." He says while trying to get off of Pansy.
"You know what? Save it Blasie. We were done the minute you kissed her." I said. Then I turned to look at Pansy. "You want him pugface. You can have him...besides, he wasn't a good kisser anyway." Then I started to walk away...but I couldn't resist so I walked up to Blaise and slapped him. THEN I left their common room, leaving a scowling pugface, a bewildered ex-boyfriend with a growing red handprint on his cheek, and a best friend laughing so hard she started gasping for air. Yupp. Now I feel satisfied. Only as I was walking back to my common room did the realization that my boyfriend...ex-boyfriend cheated on me with Pansy started setting in. Of all people PANSY PUGFACE PARKINSON! During the long walk from the dungeon to the towers I used a colorful use of swear words that described Blaise that would have done S proud.


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