Secrets and Lies (a Sirius Black love story-kinda!)

Character Profile
Name: Samantha (aka: Sam) White
Age: 11 at beginning of story
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Best friends: Lily Evans, Sirius Black, James Potter and Remus Lupin
Personality: Can be angry and tough but mostly cool, funny and smart
Creature: Nuit du Loup (Night Wolf)

Chapter 1

First sight

I met them on my first day at Hogwarts. We were boarding the Hogwarts express when I saw them. It was only their first day and already they were the most popular guys in school. I didn’t know their names yet but you didn’t have to know them to realise that they were smart, funny and real troublemakers. I was walking down the corridor when I realised every compartment was full except for Lily’s and the guys. As much as I loved Lily and she was my best friend-I didn’t really want to be anywhere near Severus Snape so I walked over to the guys. I wasn’t nervous if that’s what you thinking, I never get nervous.
“Hey, can I sit in here, every other compartment is full?” I asked. The guy sitting furthest from me smiled and another one said “sure” but the one with pitch black hair just stared at me. I sat down opposite him and waved my hand in front of his face. “Hello? Anybody there?” I asked. The two other guys burst out laughing and the guy opposite me shook his head and smiled sheepishly.
“Sorry,” he said. “I’m Sirius Black,” he pointed to the one next to me that had said sure “that’s James Potter and,” he pointed to the one furthest from me, “that’s Remus Lupin.”
“I’m Sam White,” I said.
“I’ve seen you before,” James said so I turned to him, “Your best friends with Lily Evans, aren’t you?” I nodded, “Well why didn’t you sit with her?”
“Lily’s awesome,” I explained, “Snape not so much.” All three of them laughed. I must of looked curious because then James explained,
“Let’s just say we’re not Snape’s-or Snivilus’- biggest fans either!”
“Oh,” I said and laughed too. The trip to Hogwarts went quicker than I would’ve liked. James and Sirius were telling me about all the pranks they had pulled in the summer holidays and the ones they were planning to pull at Hogwarts. They really were funny and cool. I told them about all the stuff I’d done too and they seemed to really like me.

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