Of to Lily Land!


Chapter 1


Her hair was so beautiful. Red like the flaming sun. Her eye's where like precious gem stones. She was beautiful..gorgeous..

"James? Can you hear me?" Sirius's voice broke through my daydream.
"What!" I snapped still staring at Lily.
"You've been staring at her for the past hour! Won't you just give it a brake?" asked Lupin. He actually sounded concerned.
"Oh no he can.." started Sirius, "He's in Lily Land!"
"Shut up!" I yelled and forced myself to turn to Sirius and Remus.
"Hey Moony! Do you remember the time he tried to ask her out?" asked Sirius.
"Yeah! Classic!" said Lupin with a large grin."He said Do Hogsmede want to Lily you tomorrow out?"
Peter laughed.
"Or the time he was like, Hey! Nice socks. Do you want to go to the dance with me?" said Sirius, putting his arm around Lupin's neck.
"Or the time he insisted that he wasn't following her when he really was!"
"What was so funny about that?" asked Peter.
"Not that! After wards.." started Lupin. Sirius snorted so loud that lots of people in the common room turned to him.
"He told her that he wasn't and that he was going to prove it but then ended up falling down the stairs. Eve Madam Promfry laughed when Lily had to let you lean on her!"
"Are you guy's done?" I groaned.
"Or the time he yelled " Evans go out with me...um, please?!" said Frank Longbottom.
Oh great! Now everyone was joining in!
"Or the time he tried to ask her out.." started Peter.
"And ended up asking what sort of shampoo i use?" said Lily. I turned so red that passing people mistook me for beetroot.
Oh no I thought.
"Yeah that one was good!"
"What about the time he was trying to show me how to do a backwards flip with a broomstick.." Lily said." And ended up falling of and breaking his nose!"
"Don't forget his pick-up line! 'I can burp the ABC's" Laughed Remus.
"What about the time he asked if he could touch her hair.." said Frank.
"And ended up running into a wall when he realized everybody was staring at him!" yelled Sirius.
"Could this get any worst?" I asked looking at every bodies laughing faces.
"Don't forget the time you thought it would be easier asking me out with your eye's closed." said Lily.
"You ended up asking me instead!" chuckled Professor McGonnagol who was passing by.
It just did.

I am proud to announce that my dignity is now gone.


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