Confessions of love a George Weasley love story-Part 4

Sorry. :S I keep changing ideas. I will make one of these chapters Purple Hair. Cause my idea is awsome. But, alas, I hope you like it. :D Please rate and comment.

Chapter 1


Fred and George??? I thought they were supposed to b in class...but then again, I shouldn't b the one to talk. "What are you doing here?" We all said at the same time. "You should b in class!" Same time again. "You first." I said. "We used the Puking Pastilles." Fred said. "Skipped." I said " Ahh original." George said, nodding his head. We were just about to enter the common room when we felt hands on our shoulders. "Well well well. We've gotten ourselfs into lots of trouble now havent we?" I heard Snapes cold voice behind me. Busted. I though. "My office. Now." Snape barked, starting to lead us back to his office. "We arnt first years Professor. We now how to get to ur office." George said. I couldnt help but laugh. "Dont b smart with me, boy." Snape snapped. "But how is he smart?" Fred said. "I have nothin in my noggin." George tapped the side of his head. Snape scowled. He obviously had no reply to that, considering it was probably true. We got into his office and took a seat. "Detention with me, on every Satrday for the rest of the month." Snape said. "Why that long?" I asked Snape. The Quidditch team tryouts were this Saturday. I wanted to see who filled Keeper, Seeker, and one of the Chaser positions. "It could have only been for 2 weeks if Mr. Smart Mouth hadnt decided to talk." "Who's Mr. Smart Mouth?" George scratched his head with fake confusion. "Just sit. No talking." Snape stood up and swept out of the room. "Can't take a couple jokes?" George said. "I thought what you said was really funny." I said. And it was the truth. On the inside, I was laughing my head off. I didnt want to get us into any more trouble then we were already in, and it was extreamly hard to keep from laughing. "You think so?" He said. "Yes. I do." We stared at each other for a while. Then we both leaned in. His lips touched mine. My spine tingled. I didnt care if Fred was in the room. Even if Snape walked into the room at this very moment, I wouldnt care. It was only me and George that mattered. Suddenly George pulled away. I stayed in that kissing position, kinda of like I was kissing air. I suddenly realized he wasent there anymore, and I stopped. I blushed. "I've never done that before." George said. "Well, you just made this very awkward." Fred said. Me and George laughed. We heard a fake cough coming from the front of the room. We looked up and...again...busted.


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