Confessions of Love George Weasley love story-Part 3

Dun dun daaaa.....PURPLE HAIR! Ya...I said it...PURPLE HAIR!!! :D

Chapter 1


I was walking to DOUBLE POTIONS when I saw Kat wandering aimlessly around the corridors. "What are you doing?" I asked. Kat blushed. "Im trying to find my way to Charms." "Hang a left, then a right, then another left, and another right, and its the first door on the left." I said. "Dont u have a class to get to?" Kat asked me. "Well I do...I mean...i do not." I said, with a smile."Double Potions?"She said "Yes and by the way watch out for Snape." I said sadley. "Haha. I will. Thanks Bri!" Kat started walking, but was still looking at me smiling and waving. Then....bam. She ran smack, right into the wall. Ouch. I though. That's gunna hurt in the morning. She stumbled backwards and looked at me. "Oh..and...Charms is right there." I said. "Should have told me that before I ran into that wall." Kat said, rubbing her head. "Well, I should have, but then I wouldnt have gotten my daily laugh." I said. "Well bye. See you later," Kat walked into the Charms classroom. I had just enough time to see her sit down beside Ron. She was still looking through the door at me, so I gave her 2 thumbs up, and the stupidest wink ever. She turned and started talking to Ron. Rude much. I thought. I walked up to the common room to wait out Double Potions, when I ran into...


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