10 ways to annoy people at the mall

Chapter 1

10 ways to annoy people at the mall

1. buy fangs, wear them, and hiss at random people

2. go around jumpin up and down, saying IMMA IDIOT IMMA IDIOT

3.go up the down escalator

4. go down the up escalator

5. push the elevator button when you see people walking towards it

6. go around tapping random people on the shoulder and then saying oh sorry, i thought you were someone else.....

7. loudly chew your gum, and pop bubbles in peoples faces......

8. hide in the bathroom stalls, and when people come in, shout PERVERT!!!!
( if you have fangs hide in the stalls, and when they come in, hiss at them)

9. go to the bathroom when not very many people are in there, casually walk in, turn on all the water things, and casually walk out

10. badly stalk people ( follow a random person around, but make it sortta obvious, but no too obvious.....)


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