Mine (A Justin Bieber Love Story) Episode 26

Chapter 1

Episode 26

(Jo's POV)
Me: to Justin this is ridiculous, why can't you just stand in front of the door & ring the doorbell like a normal person? laughs
We were in front of Layla's house & it was 11:28. Or at least I was standing in front of Layla's house; Justin was hiding behind a bush & Christian & Sydney were waiting for us in the car. Justin had this crazy idea that he surprises Layla by jumping out of a bush & give her a hug & introduces himself. He thinks its brilliant, but I think he should just stand in front of her door and surprised her that way. But, as I learned this evening by spending 2 hours with him; Justin's stubborn.
Justin: from behind the bush because this way is funner. Just ring the doorbell, please
Me: playfully rolling my eyes & lets out a small laugh "funner" isn't a word, but okay
I rang the doorbell, and after a minute, someone answered the door. I looked & saw Layla (coincidently) wearing her Justin Bieber matching shirt & pajama pants. She also had on her fuzzy pink slippers & her long blond hair looked brown since it was wet & in a ponytail. And of course, she was listening to her iPod. Since it was so loud (as usual), I could hear "Born To Be Somebody" by Justin himself blasting in her earphones. She had a smile on her face & her eyes glistened with happiness when she saw me.
Layla: smiling & puts her iPod away hey, Jo! How was the concert?
Me: smiles hey, Layla. The concert was amazing. guilty again, I'm so sorry I couldn't take you
Layla* smiles* nahh, its okay! And besides, I already told you that I didn't mind
Me: yeah, and that's why I feel even guiltier now
Layla: laughs that's what I love about you; you care too much about people's feelings. But really, it's okay, don't feel bad for me. I actually had a pretty decent evening
Me: really? smiles how about I make it even better?
Layla: squints her eyes in curiosity how?
Then, Justin popped out of the bush & appeared in front of the doorway with a smile on is face & a pink rose in his hand that he must've gotten from the bush. Layla's expression was to die for. Her eyes were as big as baseballs & her mouth dropped in astonishment. She covered her mouth with both of her hands & started crying. I took out my phone & started recording it.
Justin: goes up to Layla with a smile hi, I'm Justin. What's your name, gorgeous?
Hmm, he was right when he said he flirt with every fan. Layla still had happy tears rolling down her face & she looked at loss for words.
Layla: stuttering m-my name is L-Layla
Justin: laughs hey, Layla. That's a really pretty name
Layla: smiling Th-thank you!
Justin: chuckles look, I know you're a little star struck right now, but it's okay, you don't have to be. I'm just another normal teenager, so you don't have to cry wipes away her tears & smiles oh, & here's your rose gives her the rose
Layla: takes the rose& smiles thank you. That was really sweet of you
Justin: smiles thanks. So, I'm sorry you never got to come to my concert. But I'm here now, so is there anything you want me to sign, or any pictures you wanna take?
They both looked over at me when he said that. When they saw that I was already recording them, they both let out a little laugh & Layla turned pink.
Layla: yeah, could you actually hold up quickly while I go get my CD's & book for you to sign, please?
Justin: smiles of course
Layla turned around & quickly ran up the stairs & to her room. I glanced over at their driveway & saw that her parents' car was gone; probably still on their way back from San Diego. I looked back over at Justin & he smiled at me.
Justin: you still recording? laughs
Me: laughs & stops recording not anymore
Justin: can I see your phone?
Me: sure hands him the phone
He took the phone & pressed a button on it. Then, he came & stood next to me.
Justin: holds the phone up towards up say cheese!
Before he could take the picture, I took his hat off his head & put it on mine, then smiled for the picture. After that, he put the phone down & we both looked at the picture with satisfaction.
Me: smiles nice picture
Justin: smiles I know. Here, I'm gonna send it to my phone
He sent the picture, then handed me the phone back. I noticed something he forgot to do.
Me: um, you forgot to delete your number off my phone
Justin: smiles I know. I trust you not to give it to anybody. You should text me sometime winks at me
And of course, I blushed & a smile appeared on my face. Today was great(:


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