Mine (A Justin Bieber Love Story) Episode 25

Chapter 1

Episode 25

(Justin's POV)
Me: unlocking my car Okay, you guys can get in now
Sydney opened the back door and got inside, and I got in the driver's side. Jo stood on the outside of the car with Christian.
Me: while putting on my seatbelt Why aren't you coming inside?
Jo: I don't know if I should sit in shot gun, or in the back with Syd
Me: smiles sit with me in the front
Jo: smiles okay
Her and Christian both got inside and put on their seatbelts. Before I drove off, I got out my GPS and handed it to Jo.
Me: put in your address
She did as I said and then I started driving away in the way it told me to go. Christian and Sydney were already talking away in the back seat, and Jo was texting someone on her phone
Me: smiles who are you texting?
Jo: looks at me & smiles my best friend, Layla. She isn't trying to show it, but I can tell that she's pretty sad that she missed your concert. She's a big fan
Me: laughs really? Aww, I feel bad.
Then, I suddenly got another brilliant idea. Hmm, I seem to be coming up with a bunch of brilliant ideas tonight.
Me: Wait; does your friend Layla live near you?
Jo: yeah, she lives down the street. curious why?
Me: smiles Wanna go surprise her?
Jo: catching on to what I'm saying and smiles you're a really nice person, Justin.
Me: laughs the way you said it made it sound like you were surprised about that
Jo: laughs well, to be honest, I kinda thought you were just another Hollywood douche bag that doesn't even care about his fans, even though he claims he does
Me: laughs I'm offended. I love my fans, and they all know it (A/N: Yes we do, Justin! We love you too! Haha)
Jo: laughs yeah, I know that now. Actually, a lot of things surprised me about you
Me: smiles you're so stereotypic
Jo: giggles yeah, I know. That's one of my flaws
Me: laughs don't worry; I think it's cute
She blushed and looked away. I noticed that she did that every time I complimented her. Maybe she isn't used to being complimented? No, I doubt it; a girl this beautiful and smart has got to be complimented at least 100 times a day. And if she didn't get that, then I would damn sure make sure that she did.
Jo: smiles thanks. Hmm, are you this flirty with all of your fans? laughs
Me: laughs Well, with my other fans, its mostly just little compliments. But with you, it's a different story winks at her
Jo: smiling what's that supposed to mean?
Me: smiles it means, that you're different; in a good way
Jo: blushes thanks. You're different than any guy I've ever met too; in a good way
Me: smiles thanks
I just noticed that Sydney and Christian stopped talking for a while now and they were listening in on our conversation. I smiled to myself and continued the conversation. While we were talking, half of my mind was focused on something else. I noticed that this whole night, I've been really honest and straight up with Jo. If I had something good to say about her, I let her know what it was. If I was being so straight up with her, then why did some part of me feel guarded? Is it because I was afraid to be in a relationship again after what Selena did? My heart suddenly ached as I thought of that horrible incident. What if the same thing happens with Jo? I suddenly stopped myself; I was beginning to sound really stupid. Me and Jo aren't even gonna see each other again after this; so why was I getting my hopes up? I was really sad that I had to let go of whatever we had tonight, but maybe we had nothing and I was just being a sucker for love like I always am. This was beginning to be too much for me to think of, so I put that whole thought aside and put my focus on the road and Jo. I only have a really short time left with her, so I'm gonna make the most out of it. I quickly looked over at her while she was in the middle of talking and found myself staring at her beautiful face. She stopped mid-sentence and smiled at me
Jo: smiles why are you looking at me with that face again?
Me: shakes my head and smiles nothing, you're just really beautiful
And of course, she blushed and looked away. Haha, Jo is awesome(:

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