Mine (A Justin Bieber Love Story) Episode 24

Chapter 1

Episode 24

Me: sighs & gets up from the couch & stretches out my arms it's getting pretty late; we should get going
Maybe I was seeing differently or something, but I could've sworn that I saw some sadness overcome him too as he stood up next to me. "Don't get your hopes up, Jo," I thought to myself.
Justin: sad aw, do you have to go? I really enjoy talking to you
Me: flattered thanks, I really like talking to you too, but my mom said we have to be home before 12, and it's gonna take us half an hour to get through traffic.
Justin: frowns oh, okay. How are you guys getting home?
Me: cab
I automatically frowned when I said that. I HATED taking the cab, but we had no other choice since I still don't have my friggin' driver's license!
Justin: confused you didn't drive here?
Me: embarrassed no, our mom drove us here; I don't have my license yet
I guess he saw that I was a little embarrassed, because then he smiled & looked thoughtful.
Justin: sympathetic there's nothing to be embarrassed about. I failed my test twice before I actually passed it laughs
Me: laughs that sucks, but thanks
Justin: no problem... suddenly smiles hey, why don't you let me drive you guys home?
Why did my heart skip a beat with excitement when he said that? I wanted so badly to say yes, but I wasn't really certain if I should or not.
Sydney: looks at me eagerly can he drive us, Jo? Please?
Me: I don't know...
Justin: smiles come on, I'm not gonna kidnap you or anything
Me: smiles I'm not worried about that; you'd be amazed by how good I can defend myself. I'm just worried that this will affect whatever you had planned after this. I mean, this was your last concert of you're My World Tour; aren't you gonna go out and celebrate?
Justin: Nahh, you don't have to worry about that. It won't even take me more than 45 minutes to drop you guys off & come back. There will still be plenty of time to celebrate smiles
Sydney: come on, pretty please, Jo? looking at me with a puppy dog face
Justin: copying her puppy dog face yeah, Jo. Pretty please?
Me: laughs fine, but you have to promise not to stalk me after this
Justin: laughs no promises
I just looked at him with a smile & playfully rolled my eyes at him. The way we talked to each other... it's like we've known each other our whole lives. Hmm, this should be an interesting ride home.


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