Mine (A Justin Bieber Love Story) Episode 23

Chapter 1

Episode 23

(Jo's POV) Why is he looking at me so weirdly? Our pinkies were still bonded together & he suddenly started staring intently into my eyes. Of course I melted on the inside as I found myself (yet again) lost in his wonderous, light brown, heavenly eyes. Just when I thought something was going to happen between us (yet again), his door suddenly swung wide open & hit the wall; making us break the connection we were having. When I looked over to see who it was, I saw out of the corner of my eyes, Justin's facial expression. Did I see a hint of regret or sadness in it? Hmm, I'm probably just letting my imagination run wild. In front of the door stood Sydney and Christian looking a bit embarrassed/ apologetic.
Christian: looking sorry oh, our bad. Were you guys in the middle of something?
Justin: shakes his head & unwraps his pinky from mine nah, we were just talking
Sydney: smiles that's cool. Christian took me on a tour of the arena, & the crew was having a huge clean-up session
Me: smiling did you have fun?
Sydney: of course! This whole night has been absolutely amazing! faces Justin man, you have the best life ever!
Justin: laughs thanks, but my life isn't always like this. You're lucky you have an amazing older sister like Jo winks at me
Me: blushes & smiles thanks. Jazmyn & Jaxon are lucky to have a wonderful & awesome big brother like you
Justin: smiles back thanks
I quickly looked over at the clock again; it was 10:45. Mary said we had to be home before midnight & the L.A traffic was gonna take about half an hour, so we had to get going. Sadness suddenly overcame me as I realized that this will be the last time I'll ever see Justin. I guess I should've known better than to get really bummed because I already knew, even before I met him, that I was only gonna see him for one night, so I tried shaking off that sadness, but somehow, it wouldn't go away that easily. Even though I've only known Justin for exactly 2 hours & 13 minutes (not that I'm keeping track or anything), we both knew that we had some sort of connection. No, I'm not that stupid or pathetic to think that he likes me, but we had some sort of click; maybe it was a friendship connection. Whatever it was, I kind of didn't want to let it go, but like they say, all good things have to come to an end sometime.

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