Mine (A Justin Bieber Love Story) Episode 22

Chapter 1

Episode 22

(Justin's POV) That was really... awkward. We were just about to kiss, and we don't even know each other. I know that would've been the wrong thing to do, but honestly, I was anticipating it. She actually does seem like the type of girl that I would date. We were both facing the opposite directions, and there was silence. I realized that it was getting pretty late, and we would both have to leave soon. I decided to start another conversation and forget that we almost kissed, because we most likely will never see each other again, and I don't want to end out talk together on a bad note
Me: awkwardly clearing my throat hey... sorry about that
Jo: faces me with her beautiful smile what's there to be sorry about? I mean, I would've just fainted if I got to kiss the almighty, JUSTIN BIEBER! laughs
Me: laughs ha-ha, take it easy on the sarcasm
Jo: laughs sorry. But yeah, can we just pretend like that little moment never happened, and go back to how it was before it happened, please?
Me: smiles I was just about to suggest the same thing
She just smiled back in response. I really liked talking to her.
Me: changing the subject so, what grade are you in?
Jo: I'm gonna be a junior in high school next year, so I'm a sophomore
Me: smiles that's cool. I'm gonna be a junior too, except I don't go to public school
Jo: smiles yeah, that'd be quite a challenge for you hesitant speaking of being a junior... will you promise me something?
Me: sure, if it's in my power
Jo: not that I'm desperate or anything, but if you can... can you please be my date to the Junior Prom? laughs ugh, I sound pathetic, huh?
Me: laughs then shakes my head nahh, you don't. And if I can make it, then yes, I will most definitely be your date to your Junior Prom. I probably would've asked you anyways smiles
Jo: smiles but you don't even know me
Me: smiles yeah, but you're really beautiful on the outside and the inside
I watched as she turned run and looked away
Jo: faces me again and smiles thanks. And don't get the wrong idea; I only want you to be my date because I want to see every girl at my school's expressions when I show up to the prom with Justin Bieber laughs
Me: laughs yeah, that'd be pretty funny. But don't lie to yourself; you know that's not the only reason you want me to be your date
Jo: pretend to think, then shakes her head nope, that's just about it laughs
Me: smiles smugly you know you want to be seen with me and have people think that we date
Jo: like I've said for maybe the 50th time tonight, we barely know each other! And besides...
Her voice trailed off and she didn't finish what she was going to say. I was anxious to know what she wanted to say, so I urged her to go on
Me: really curious yeah, go on
Jo: hesitantly don't you already have something going on with Selena Gomez? (A/N: I'm going to try to make this story as realistic as possible, including real events that happen in Justin's life)
Me: confused and surprised Selena? Why do you think me and Selena have something going on?
Jo: looking at me skeptically oh, c'mon Justin! Even people that don't like you or Selena know that you guys are dating! I saw the vacation pictures; you guys were all over each other.
I couldn't say anything because she was right. But she wasn't right about me and Selena dating though.
Me: Selena and I are just friends
Jo: rolls her eyes and laughs you guys have a very interesting friendship then
Me: sighs in defeat fine, you wanna know the truth?
Jo: nods her head yes, please
Me: okay...yes, me and Selena had a thing, but that was a month ago! We broke up about a week after those pictures leaked because of a specific reason, and we haven't talked to each other since then
I didn't tell her the specific reason because it hurt me a little just to think about it. Don't get me wrong; I'm completely and totally over Selena, it's just the thing she did that hurt me.
Jo... so that's the real story?
Me: yup. We told the press that we broke up because she's going on a 3 month European tour, which was one of the reasons, but not the complete truth. And now, you're the first person besides my family & close friends to know what really happened
Jo: smiles wow, I feel pretty special laughs but yeah, don't worry; I promise not to tell anyone the truth
Me: smiles & holds out my pinky pinky promise?
Jo: smiles & wraps her pinky around mine pinky promise
As we sat there, across from each other with out pinkies still intertwined, I realized that I actually regret not kissing her when I had the chance to. I know I don't know her, but you never know what might happen in the future. Looking into her amazing hazel eyes, I knew what I wanted to happen right at that moment between us


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