Mine (A Justin Bieber Love Story) Episode 20

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't uploaded one of these in a long time! I'm gonna start making them in different episodes; it's just easier for you guys to know if the next chapter is up or not.(:

Chapter 1

Getting To Know Each Other(:

Episode 20:
(Jo's POV)
Me: smiling so, what about you? Before you were a huge, world-famous singer, you must've had a hobby that you did back in Canada
Justin: smiles back at me well, ever since my arms were long enough to wrap around a guitar, I've been playing it. But I guess that isn't really a hobby laughs
Me: laughs well, is it something you're really good at, you have a really big passion for, and you have fun while doing it?
Justin: of course; the guitar is like my best friend
Me: smiles then I consider that a hobby
Justin: smiles thanks. Actually, I also had a really big passion for hockey ever since I was a little kid. That's how I met my 2 best friends; Ryan and Chaz
Me: oh yeah, I've heard of them. I hear Syd talk about them sometimes when she talks about you laughs
Justin: laughs yeah, and I've picked up basketball when we were on tour these past couple months. Other than that, I guess that's just about it when it comes to sports and hobbies
Me: laughs wow, you're pretty athletic. So, tell me about your old life back in Canada. apologetic expression I'm sorry if I'm annoying you, or I sound pushy
Justin: adjusts himself on the couch nah, you're not annoying me! I love it when people ask me questions about my old life instead of my new life; it proves to me that they care more about the real me, rather than just the Justin Bieber that you see on TV and in magazines smiles
Me: smiles thanks
As Justin explained to me his old house and schools and friends in Canada, I slowly realized that he was just like any other normal teenager I've ever met. He has friends, he messes around, he gets in trouble, he plays X-Box; he's just like the rest of us!
Justin: finishing off a story and that was how I ended up getting grounded for an extra 2 weeks laughs
Me: laughs wow, you were such a bad boy! But you know what?
Justin: what?
Me: you're actually just a normal teenager. Based on all the things that you've told me tonight, if I didn't know you were famous, then I'd definitely think you were a regular teenage boy smiles
Justin: smiles thank you, like you honestly don't know how much that means to me. Ever since I became famous, I've been trying to convince people that I'm just a regular teenage boy. Mostly all of them would just nod their head in disinterest and then ask me a question about my career. It's really frustrating sometimes, but I'm really happy now because you're one of the first people to actually believe me and show me sympathy, so thanks again
Me: blushes and smiles your welcome

(Justin's POV)
Talking to Jo felt as easy as blinking and breathing. I loved it because when I told her a story, she didn't pretend to be interested and nod her head glumly and change the subject; she actually LISTENED to what I had to say! I really liked that in a girl
Me: changing the subject so... what's your favorite song by me? laughs
Jo: laughs well, I actually have 3
Me: oh, do you now? laughs and what would those 3 songs be?
Jo: smiles U Smile, Common Denominator, and Down To Earth
Me: smiles what a coincidence; those are my 3 favorites too! laughs so, why do you like Common Denominator?
Jo: I don't know, I guess I just love how sweet and cute it is. Plus, it's a slow song, so it'll make the perfect song to slow dance to at my senior prom smiles
I smiled back as I thought about what she said. I suddenly found myself daydreaming about me and her slow dancing to Common Denominator at the senior prom. A huge smile spread across my face. Jo waved her hands in front of my face to distract me from my dream world
Jo: laughs what were you thinking about?
Me: smiles someone special
Aw, they're so cute! Comment!(:


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