A New Atlantis

Okay, the title isn't final, btw. feel free to message or comment a better one.

The first chapter is the basic intro, because there weren't enough characters in this box. Just to warn you, the skip-time translations may be.... jerky. I'll need help ironing those out. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 1


What would happen if a country's history was erased? What would happen if a country was to disappear from the rest of humanity? Would they thrive or strive? What if they were not discovered until a thousand years later? What if it was never found?

'The oral traditions of a bard, and the written of none'. This is the way we have lived, hearing the stories for so long from the elders that they are forever in our memories, even long after our bodies have since decayed. And so as we age, we are the new elders and we repeat the engravement to those who will one day do the same. Forever and always, the story continues, new chapters are added in the back of this intangible novel, our history is ours and ours alone.

But your future… that is ours as well.


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