Love is like Blood, You can't get enough of it. (Hellsing love story)

Love is like Blood, You can't get enough of it. (Hellsing love story)

Here's what happened. I wrote down a story about a girl who loves a guy but get separated then work together. I just started to write it down during 2nd period. (Social Studies.) Then during 3rd. (Band) (Yes i'm a band geek and I'M PROUD OF IT!) And decided to put on here. Tell me what you think! U r the girl on the top where the title of the story is

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Fight between Alucard and Luke

"What was that?" She asked. (O btw, it's 3rd person P.O.V) She had a feeling that something was going on.
BANG More shots. "I think that's Alucard. I thinks he's having fun..." She answered her own question. The butler looked at her.

"Well, he can have more 'fun' than the others" He looked to the two fallen vampires. "What is your name?"

"The h3ll should I tell you, bit(h."

"Because," The butler moved his hand and tiny wires came out. "I don't want to make this difficult for you." The man knocked the girl off of him and started to run. "Oh no, you don't!" The butler took the the tiny wires and grabbed the fleeing vampires arm. He pulled and the vampires arm came off. The butler and girl chased after the vampire. The other girl went back downstairs and saw blood everywhere.

"What the h3ll?" She looked up and saw Alucard returning to his original form. She smirked. "Have fun 'playing' with the guest?" He looked at her and smiled.

"Oh I had lots of fun with my guest. But, he had to... leave in a hurry." She jumped down the stairs and walked with Alucard.

"I have a bad feeling about the butler."

"You mean Walter? Why do you have a bad feeling?"

"I...I don't know. I just have this feeling like something bad is going to happen. I've had this feeling before the night I got captured but I didn't think anything about it.I chose to ignore it. Are you going to make me clean your mess?"


"You're lying to me."

"No I'm not." She gave him a look that even HE feared. And that's saying something! "Yeah. I'm lying to you." He looked at his feet. She smirked at how easy it was for her to win.

"It's OK. I'll clean it." And she found where the mop and bucket was and started cleaning it.
Fire. There was fire everywhere. What happened? She didn't know. All she could think about was the fire and people running away from other people. They passed her and they acted like she wasn't even there. She saw something running at super human speed and she ran after it. When she caught up with it, she saw that it was another vampire like those two who invaded the manner the day after she woke up from her long sleep. Then, the dream changed and she saw Alucard sitting on a ship that was damaged beyond recognition. The ship crashed on the banks of the water it was on and somebody yelled, "release Restrictions to level Zero!" She saw him smile and got off of the ship. Then, the people he consumed for all of his life busted out of him and then he turned into him. He had a beard and mustache and was wearing his armor again. He killed the people with spears and the vampires. When he was done, he looked at her and smiled.
**End of dream**
She woke up with sweat and a headache. 'Oh my gosh.' She thought. 'What was that all about?'
Knock, knock, knock "Who is it?" Then, somebody came through that door and she knew it was Alucard.

"You slept long enough." She glared at him. "My master wants to see you." She got up and went to her new master's room. She knocked on the door and heard a soft come in. She went inside, closed the door, and faced her master.

"You wanted me?" She said.

"Yes, I did. I need you to find something for me." She said as a small smirk crossed her lips.
After the ordeal with her new master, she went back to her room, with a small smile stuck on her face.

*Sorry that I haven't been on in a while. Quibblo wouldn't let me sign in and school has gotten me tied down. Even with the iPad it still won't go fast enough.

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