Love is like Blood, You can't get enough of it. (Hellsing love story)

Love is like Blood, You can't get enough of it. (Hellsing love story)

Here's what happened. I wrote down a story about a girl who loves a guy but get separated then work together. I just started to write it down during 2nd period. (Social Studies.) Then during 3rd. (Band) (Yes i'm a band geek and I'M PROUD OF IT!) And decided to put on here. Tell me what you think! U r the girl on the top where the title of the story is

Chapter 2


~~300 yrs. later~~
Dracula's P.O.V
My name is no longer Dracula. It's Alucard, Dracula backwards. I am the servant of Hellsing Organization. We got a crate and decided to open it. We barley get mail here so it was important. The head Mistress of the organization told two humans to bring the crate and open it. But, being human and week, they dropped it. Then one human yelled and I smelt the blood drip off of his finger. Poor Retard. i thought to myself. I knew what was in the crate but didn't tell anybody because, well, that would ruin the surprise. Then, the lid came off.
Ur P.O.V
The sweet blood hit my mouth and I woke up instantly. I smelled more blood so i pushed upward and saw light. I followed my nose and killed the bleeding person. After I was done, I could finally see my surroundings. There was a group of people standing and watching me. I see the tallest guy there and my face went blank. Many thoughts were racing through my head. Then, a girl with blonde hair, smoking a cigar, said, "Welcome to the Hellsing Organization. My name is Integra Hellsing.. What's your name?" I couldn't say anything.

"Her name is Laila, correct?" said the tallest man there.

"Y-yes. And you are?"


"Well, nice to meet you, Alucard. Why am I here?"

Noone answered me so I started to walk out when Integra said, "Where do you think you're going? You belong to me now. ALUCARD! Show our guest her new room."

"Of course, Master." He motioned for me to follow so I did. He led me down to the basement and stood by a door. "Welcome to your new room, Laila."

"Thank you, Alucard. Can I ask you a question? Since WHEN do YOU have a MASTER?"

"Since now. And how did you know it was me?"

"First look." i said through a smile.

"You know, it's been 300 yrs since I last saw you. I missed you the whole time."

"I missed you, too." I leaned in to give him a hug.

"Master?" someone said.

"Yes, Police girl? What do you want?" Alucard said.

"Well, I herd that there was a new girl so I wanted to say hi." She looked at me and waved at me. I turned towards my room and it was huge. It had one bed, two chairs, one table, and a desk. On the table was wine and two whine glasses. I looked back towards Alucard and he had a huge smile on his face. I gave him a hug and went to my room and decided to get some sleep.
I hear a knock on my window. I went to my window and opened it. I looked down and saw nothing. I closed it back up and turned around only to see a guy in my room. He gives me a smile which makes me smile back. He came towards me and gave me a hug. I look up and he leans his head down and whispers in my ear, "Tonight or never?"


"This won't hurt at all." And I felt a sharp pain in my neck.

I woke up and put my hand to my neck. A hand pulled mine down and I laid back down. "What are you doing in my bed, Alucard?" No answer. "Coward." I mumbled. I got dressed in a red top with torn up jeans. I went to the table and saw a bag of blood and another bottle of wine. I grabbed the glass and filled it with whine. I herd a knock on my door. "Since when do you knock?"

"Since now." And he came through the wall and flashed me a smile. I smiled back. "I wanted to talk." We talked for about an hour when we both herd a noise. "Did you hear that?" Then there was another bang.

"I think we have company." I said, smiling. "You stay down here and I'll go see if things are OK."

"Don't have too much fun without me!"

"I won't! There are two of them. You can have one and I'll get the other one. Deal?"

"Deal." And Alucard went to his room while I headed to the first floor. I opened the door and saw alot of ghouls. I then saw the Police Girl. "What are you doing? You're supposed to find the head vamp and kill him!" I yelled at her.

"We don't know who the leader is!" She yelled back.

"Well, then. Let's find out!" And I started running and fighting. I made it to a hallway when I herd gunshots. I ran faster and then I could smell him.

"UP, up, down, down, left, right, left, right. Bringing the mother effing death by Konami. Man, I'm so effing hard right now."
"Now, Jan, you should be more serious with your job. I'll go downstairs while you go for that hellsing chick."
"OK, OK, I'll look for that hellsing chick, while you go for that vampire. But i'm gonna have fun finding the hellsing chick."
"whatever." and he left.
"I know your hiding, lady." He knew where i was. He is so stupid to make me come out now. He could have killed me with that other dude. i thought. I came out of the shadows. "What's your name?"
"Why should i tell you?"
"My name's Jan. Yours?"
"Laila. Now that introduction are over, let's-" then, all of the ghouls around him, were dead.
"Move, Laila!" i herd from someone and decided to move. I moved against the wall and was overwhelmed by more ghouls. How many can there be! After i killed all of them, I went back to Jan only to see the police girl on top of him holding him down while another dude was asking questions. Then the last thing Jan said was "Millennium." and he burst into flames. The dude who was asking him questions looked at me.
"My name is Walter."
"Laila." and we herd a gunshot.

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