Love is like Blood, You can't get enough of it. (Hellsing love story)

Love is like Blood, You can't get enough of it. (Hellsing love story)

Here's what happened. I wrote down a story about a girl who loves a guy but get separated then work together. I just started to write it down during 2nd period. (Social Studies.) Then during 3rd. (Band) (Yes i'm a band geek and I'M PROUD OF IT!) And decided to put on here. Tell me what you think! U r the girl on the top where the title of the story is

Chapter 1


I wake up to see nothing but darkness and the sound of owl’s hooting. My head hurt and I felt like I was in a blender. My eyes adjust to see that I was in a room when I realize, it's my room. I get up to turn on the lights when I fall by the wall. I look down to see a body on the floor. I check for a pulse. None. I start to freak out when he starts to move. He opened his eyes and says, "What's wrong? You look freaked out." He was at my side in an instant. He put his arms around my waist and kissed my forehead. He looked at the clock. "Come on. We have a few more hours before we can eat. Let's go back to bed." A few hours passed when I got up. I walked to the window and opened the curtain. I couldn't see the sun but it didn't matter. "It's beautiful, isn't it? I never get tired of this."

"It still doesn't feel right to me."

"You will though." And he turned me around to kiss me. We walked outside and the air smelled of roses and freshly cut grass. "What are you waiting for? Go and have fun but stay away until the moon is almost gone. OK?"

"OK. Are you going to get the food?"

"Yes. Now go and have fun!" I decided to go to the lake. When I got there, I could see the full moon and a clear dark blue sky with bright, bright stars.

"It's so beautiful! Better then the sun." I put my feet in the water and just let them hang there. I stare at the moon until it"s almost gone. I head back only to smell food. That makes me go home faster. I reach the front door and the lights are out. I open the door and go to my room. My door was open and I saw rose petals on my bed, floor, and dresser. I follow the path to the kitchen. I turn the corner when someone puts their hands over my eyes.

"Happy anniversary, Laila." He took his hands off of my eyes and kissed my neck. I saw the table. It had two candles with two bowls and spoons.

"Did you do all this by yourself?"

"Of course I did. We have been together for 3,000 years. Now let's eat." After dinner we went to bed. I was halfway asleep when I heard a loud noise. I looked around the bed to see that I’m by myself. I ran outside and saw two people fighting.

"You can never win, Dracula."

"Only a man can kill me, Hellsing." I wanted to help him but something held me back and all I could see was darkness. I heard a voice.

"You can never have her, Count!"

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