Aimez-moi, Harry Potter. (Love me, Harry Potter)

Well i decided to stop my last story and my Glee one. Tell me if I should change the title to this. LEAVE COMMENTS.... ENJOY!!!!

Name: Alessa Black
Daughter of Sirius Black
Eyes: Blue with green flecks in it
Hair: Brown with Blonde highlights
Year: going into first year (same as Harry)

Chapter 6

Skipping to Christmas

Hi sorry I haven't written in for ever I gave up on this story but i decided to try writing it again. Sorry it is so short i will make the next one longer :)
And I am also skipping to December.

I was walking towards DADA when I saw a guy with untidy black hair up infront of me. Harry. so I ran up to catch up to him.
"hey Harry" I greeted him. He just nodded back. "so I was wondering have you found anything on nicolas flammel yet?"
"nope we have looked everywhere there is nothing on him. Hermione is going to try again this afternoon if you would like to help.
"sure!" so we walked to dada trying to think of where that I formation could be.

in class quirrel scared me as usual. I mean really who wears a turban in England. And the stutter. Double weird! Today was just reading pages in the book. Which is really just an excuse so the teacher grades no papper and we can talk.
While Harry and Ron were talking about wizards chess I was day dreaming about my father getting out of the wizard jail. And then a paper for tossed onto my desk by draco. I opened the note cautiously as if it was gonna eat me. When I finally unraveled the picture it was my worst nightmare. My father sirius getting the dementor's kiss. I could feel my eyes watering up. What kind of person dis this type of thing? Thankfully the bell rang so I left the class room like a bullet from a gun. I skipped my classes for the rest of the day and went to the library. I sat in the aisle of some category of books no one would care about. Just so I could be alone.

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