Aimez-moi, Harry Potter. (Love me, Harry Potter)

Well i decided to stop my last story and my Glee one. Tell me if I should change the title to this. LEAVE COMMENTS.... ENJOY!!!!

Name: Alessa Black
Daughter of Sirius Black
Eyes: Blue with green flecks in it
Hair: Brown with Blonde highlights
Year: going into first year (same as Harry)

Chapter 2

Meeting The Know It All

Ron cleared his throat and said "Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow, turn this stupid fat rat yellow"
Although, all that happend was that the lid of a candy box came off of the rat.

"Well thats not a very good spell is it. I am Hermoine Granger, and you are," she asked snobbily (is that even a word XD)

"I'm Ronald Weasly, and this is Harry Potter and Alessa Black," he introduced us.

"We will be at Hogwarts soon, so you should put on your robes. By the way, you have dirt on you nose." She said as she left. Ron then wiped his nose off. We got dressed and then waited for the train to stop. We could already see Hogwarts its lights were on and it looked like it did in the book "Hogwarts, A History." All three of us a had smiles planted on our face we couldnt wait to get there.

The train finally came to a stop and we got out single file. As we were walking we came across this tall man yelling "FIRST YEARS OVER HERE," When he saw us he smiled at Harry and greeted him again. I guess he got Harry away from that horrible Muggle family Sirius always tell me about. Hagrid then led us to some boats and we crossed the Great Lake to the castle. As we got inside and old Lady told us that we were to go inside the great hall and then we would call us up and put a hat on our head. which would short us into our houses. The only thing i knew for sure was that i wanted to be in Gryffindor and not Slytherin. As i was thinking the blonde haired boy came up to Harry and said, "I am Draco Malfoy. And i will help you find the right source to hang out with"

"Thanks, but i think i can find the right source for myself," Harry replied to Draco. Draco looked so pissed and then glanced between Rona and me. Then said, "Judging fro the hand me sown clothes and red hair, you must be a weasly. Oh and how cute, the daughter of a killer. Ya Potter, you choose the right source," Darco commented. I was so mad at what he said about my dad. Sirius isnt guilty of anything. I had to clench my fist so i didnt punch him.

"Alessa, are you okay?" Ron asked me.

"Yeah. Its just that my dad, Sirius isnt guilty," I said. Ron looked at Harry as if he knew something that i didnt. We then entered the Great Hall. So far Hermoine and Ron were both placed in Gryffindor, and Draco in Slytherin. Then it was the moment i have been waiting for. McGonagle then called me and the whole crowd went quiet except for the muggle borns and maybe some half - bloods who didnt know anything about my father. I sat on the chair and the sorting hat was placed on my head and said:
"Interesting, very intresting. You have a past, and some anger. But you are brave and will stick up for you friends. And you want to prove your self to everyone. you will be in GRYFFINDOR!"
The people at the table clapped their hands and cheered a little bit for me. I sat down in the middle of Harry and Ron. The smiled at me and we ate our dinner. Then Ron introduced me to all of his brothers, George, Fred, and Percy. Then there was Charlie, Bill, and Ginny but he said i would meet them later. We got up to the common room and sat by the fire.

"I cant believe, i made it here," Harry said with a smile on his face and his eyes sparkled.
"I cant wait for school tomorrow." i said
"I am so glad we are friends," Ron said to both me and harry.
"Same here. Well, I am going to go to bed," I said. I couldn't wait to see what is going to happen tomarrow.

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