Confessions of Love a George Weasley love story-Part 6

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Chapter 1

More confessions of love

"Hey Bri." Kat said. I dont think she was still mad at me from the wall incident. "Hey can I talk to u in the commen room later"I said to Kat. "Sure, but why not now?" Kat asked. "Something happened in detention wtih Snape that I need to talk to u about." I said. "You got detention with-" I covered Kat's mouth with my hand. "I will talk about it with u in the commen room."

LATER IN THE COMMON ROOM (When Fred and George have already gone to bed)

"So what is it that u couldnt tell me at dinner?" Kat asked me, sitting infront of the fire. "Well, first of all, me, Fred, and George, got caught for skipping class right outside the common room by Snape. Then he took us to his office and now we have detention every Saturday for a month." I explained. "Then what's the big deal?" Kat asked. "George..."I paused. "George what?" Kat said. "He...kisssed me..." I mumbled. "He what?!" Kat said, shocked. "Must I scream it from the roof tops?" I asked her, sarcasticly. "Well no, I just wanna know what you said." "Ok. George kissed me." I said a little louder. "Awww! That's so romantic and sweet!" Kat said."Riigghhtt,But what do I do!!!." I asked. "I don't see why your asking me your the older and wiser one!" She said. "I don't know about the wiser part but I know i'm older! But seriously what should I do?" I said. "Just ask him I asked Ron-" But i cut her off. "I say waaaaa! When did you do this!" I said. "Well I haven't really asked him...yet. I will though! I will i'll give you a Galleon if I don't."She said. "Whatever you say... Well im gonna go to bed"I said. "You do that." She said.

"Oy!"Fred said."Hey."I said. "Hi"George said,but I could tell he was avoiding eye contact."Do you think we should tell Oliver that we won't be at tryouts to pick the new team." I said "Probably." Fred said,We walked out of the great hall."Well im gonna go tell Oliver so... uh...bye!" Fred said, and before I could say anything he was gone. Before I could ask George what was up with Fred he pulled me into an empty classroom and shut the door. " George what's going on?"I said."I confess,I confess..."He paused. "You confess what?"I said.....


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