Queen of Pranks (George Weasley Love Story)

Main character is named Jennifer Joy, but everyone calls her Jenna. She's got long, light brown hair and big purple eyes. (yes, i said purple.) She's a really funny prankster. She's transferring from an American school because her parents both were killed, and she's curious about Hogwarts. Comment!
yours hyperly,
(4th year, doesn't follow stories)

Chapter 1

Meeting the Twins

I looked around the platform and grinned. This place was awesome! Suddenly someone bumped into me from behind. "Oh, sorry!" I said, turning to look at whoever bumped into me. It was a pretty cute guy with red hair and brown eyes. "I'm Jenna. And you are?" "George. George Weasley. I don't think you've been here before." "I'm transferring from a school in America." Suddenly someone who looked almost exactly like George stood next to him. "I'm Fred." he said. "I'm Jenna. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you're twins." They both grinned. "What year are you in?" "4th." "We're in 6th." Fred said, looking a bit disappointed I wasn't in their year. "I've gotta go to the fourth year compartments." I said apologetically. "See you around!" "See you." George said, and I ran off to the fourth year place. I spotted an empty compartment and sat there. "This place is cool." I said, leaning back against the comfy seat. I closed my eyes, planning to rest a little bit, then go out and see who's who in this place. You know, the jerk, the perv, the player, the idiots...and then the people who I'd be friends with. Oh, and I gotta see who's the lead prankster here. I could beat them easily. I'm hardcore when it comes to pranks. Grinning, I remembered the time when I used pixie spells, phoenix tears, and sugar all in one prank. That had been AWESOME. Suddenly I heard the sliding glass door open, and I opened my eyes, thinking it was Fred and George. Nope! It was a guy with blonde hair and gray eyes. Cute, but not really my type. "Hi." I said nicely. We could be friends, unless he was a jerk, of course. "I'm Jenna." "You new here?" he asked. "I transferred from a school in America. And I didn't get your name." He looked at me and I saw a bit of smugness in his eyes. Oh, great. I bet this was the school player or the school jerk...or both. "I'm Draco Malfoy." "Malfoy?" I asked, mad. "Heard that name before?" I stood up and pulled out my wand. "Yes, I've heard it before. Your dad killed my parents." He looked shocked. "My dad is a Minstry official! You must be confused." "Lucius Malfoy? He's a Death Eater." I cursed him and sat down as he ran away with a bright blue face. I love my curses. The door opened again, and I looked up. "Hi!" I said happily. "I just saw that idiot Malfoy run out with a blue face." George said, laughing. "My spells are hardcore." He sat down next to me, and I think I blushed a bit. Wow, first day and I'm sitting next to a sixth year who MIGHT like me. He grinned and I was jolted back to reality. "I hope you're in Gryffindor." he said, smiling. "So do I!" I said. "I don't want to be in Slytherin with that @-s-s Malfoy." We chatted the whole rest of the way to Hogwarts. This place is gonna rock.

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