Forbidden Choices (A Hogwarts Love Story)

Name: Jaya Annabell Smith (Riddle)
Age:Same as blaise's
Hair Color:Black and voluminous and curly
Eye Color:Red
Other:Tongue,Eyebrow and Nose Piercings

So this girl has Death Eater parents and thats why shes in Slytherin but shes nice but she deosnt know her parents only these few things, her last name is the last name of the founder of the Orphanage which she lives in since like i said before she does not know her parents.

Chapter 73

The final Author's note

by: MelMalfoy
And with this final chapter, i take off my cap to you all, my trusting readers.
Thank you for reading

I am going to make a sequel, based off of Ragen Levan's life and her own trials. I do not know when that will be up but i will try to make it after i finish Yin and Yang and A female Sirius Black? Crapolla. But it may be up in the next few days. I dont know.

Thank you for reading these 67 or so chapters. I love you all blows kisses

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