Forbidden Choices (A Hogwarts Love Story)

Name: Jaya Annabell Smith (Riddle)
Age:Same as blaise's
Hair Color:Black and voluminous and curly
Eye Color:Red
Other:Tongue,Eyebrow and Nose Piercings

So this girl has Death Eater parents and thats why shes in Slytherin but shes nice but she deosnt know her parents only these few things, her last name is the last name of the founder of the Orphanage which she lives in since like i said before she does not know her parents.

Chapter 2

Midnight Heaven

by: MelMalfoy
I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and immediately shot up i pulled on my shorts and a tight shirt then i put my sneakers on and i tied my hair back making sure my bangs were visible then i put lip gloss on and eyeliner. Midnight Heaven was a game me Blaise and Draco had made up it was 7 minutes in heaven except that we played it at midnight. I walked down to the common room were blaise and draco were along with a 2nd year girl "put your things in the hat girls" Draco said holding a hat out to us, i put in an extra tongue ring and the girl put in a pair of hoops. "You pick first" he handed it to the girl and she pulled out a ring "Blaise" Draco said and him and the girl went into the cupboard "only 4 people today? how slow" i said "yes not many people were in the mood to make out with random people" he replied. "Ah" i said then Blaise and the girl came out he looked very mad and she looked upset then i picked out a necklace and i went into the cupboard with Draco were we made out for awhile until Blaise opened the door. Then Blaise picked and he picked me so we went into the cupboard i sat down and he sat down next to me, "you arent nervous are you?" he asked with a smirk "of course not" i replied. He lifted my chin up and he started to kiss me i tried not to kiss back but i couldnt see when you kiss Blaise Zabini you cant just kiss him you make out with him his full lips pressing against yours his hands running over you your hands in his hair. We started making out just as id described it with my tongue ring tickling his tongue and his lips on mine, oh he was such a good kisser, this was the first time id ever actually kissed him though. Someone started to pound on the door but we simply deepened the kiss, he layed me down on the floor and then he got on top of me he kissed me deeper and then he ran his hand through my curly yet knot less hair. I moaned as he started to kiss my neck sucking on it then he ran his tongue up the length of my neck making me chuckle then he put his hand up my shirt letting it wander over my C cup breasts. I pushed him over and sat on top of him with my knees on either side of him i started to kiss his neck and then i put my kisses lower until they got to his shoulders then i pulled his shirt down and kissed his shoulders his hand kept wandering under my shirt and he flipped me over again. Then someone opened the door and pried Blaise off me i looked up and saw Draco i stood up "its a good thing that its you or else this whole thing couldve been awkward" Blaise said "Totally" i agreed "well i should go back to my room im tired" i said. He was such a good kisser i wanted more much more of his delicious plump dark lips and he was so cute now that i thought about it.
Since that day i couldnt think of anything else but his Plump lips his sweet kisses his poetic voice his muscles his buzz cut hair and high cheek bones i couldnt think of anything but him Blaise Zabini. We were best friends me him and Draco so i saw him alot so it was very very hard to hold in my new found crush but i figured out a way to actually do it.
On the last day of school the three of us got a compartment together and sat down together a few minutes later Pansy,Crabbe and Goyle joined us much to my annoyance. Draco moved to the side with me and Blaise in it so Pansy was stuck sitting in the middle of Crabbe and Goyle she looked very annoyed now "so you know what Theo said the other day?" Draco said."What?" Pansy asked and Draco shot a glare at him "Conversatin between Burger and Burrito Nacho" i told Pansy putting a hand up. Pansy scoffed and everyone else laughed "what did theo say?" i asked "he said that its actually ironic in a way that the three of us hang out" Draco said. "In what form?" Blaise asked in a smooth voice "we are the hottest people in the school" Draco said as if it should be obvious i laughed and blaise chuckled "Who would say that Smith is hot?" Pansy said "everyone with eyes" everyone except me and her said. I high fived Draco and Pansy scoffed "Dracki you will simply need to make a decision its either me or her" Pansy said standing up "Ya Dracki make a decision" Blaise said as me and him held in our laughter. Draco wrapped an arm around me and said "ya well i pick my ''friend'' Annabell" he said sounding annoyed "aww so cute" I said patting his hand she looked ready to blow so i stood up and blaise did to probably seeing the danger as well and then we both left. I walked around until i found Elena Black my third best friend "hey Black" i said "missing your daddy?" Blaise said with the always present slytherin smirk she growled and he put his hands up defensively. I talked with Elena and Blaise for awhile until we got back to london the me and Blaise went back to our compartment to find Crabbe and Goyle snogging and Pansy and Draco half naked and snogging. I put a finger to my lips and i grabbed my trunk but accidentally dropping it, it fell and crushed my foot painfully i was pretty sure it was broken, i swore very very loudly and started jumping on one foot saying all the curse words i knew "stupid idiotic 500 pound trunk" i said as Blaise sat me down on a seat and doing a spell to make a cast appear on my foot. "Thanks" i muttered as i stood up (its one of those casts with extra padding so that you can stand up "youll need to rest that foot up for a few days so no walking for awhile atleast a month" he said "its a real terrible break" "how will i get home then?" i asked smartly. "Well give you a ride" Blaise said "we are already taking Draco home" he said as he wrapped an arm around my waist to help steady me "thanks but i live far away" i said "how do you usually get home then?" he asked "i take a train half of the way then i take a bus and then i walk"i replied. He carried my trunk and his own and as i walked slowly then he stopped infront of a really pretty witch "Hello mother" he said "Hello Blaise" she replied' giving him a kiss on each cheek at the same time giving him a hug "Draco" she said giving him the same greeting. "And whos this?" she asked looking at me "oh thats Jay the girl that ive told you about" he said "oh of course the infamous Jaya, im Blaise's mother (whatever her name is lets just say) Marilyn" "oh its nice to meet you" i said putting my hand on Blaise's shoulder to steady my weight. It seemed to remind blaise of why i was here because he said "oh mother she kinda broke her foot so can we give her a ride home?" he asked "course" she said looking at my foot. I ended up falling asleep in the car but then Draco and Blaise woke me up "you live in an orphanage?" Draco asked and i nodded then he helped me bring my trunk up to my room were i fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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