the life of a werewolf

the life of a werewolf

just something random

Chapter 1

the beginning

i never expected to become wat i'am i didnt have a choice it just happened like fate wanted it to happen my hole life changed when i became a....werewolf.

i was working home from a long night at work, i was walking through the nature reserve trail just to waste time and i knew that i would get into trouble for being late and i was think of an excuse to get me out of trouble then i heard something moveing in the bushes and turned and looked but nothing was there and i kept walking and as i walked i looked at the moon in wonder try to think of wat tricks it would use to take advantage of my tiredness thats when i heard a low growl that didnt sound like a dog so i quickend my pace then i heard another sound i turned still nothing there and turned around and got ready 2 run and thats when i saw it stand between me and my way out and there was only one way 2 run......(tbc)

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